Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The weather is getting so much nicer as we amble on in to autumn. 60 RunnersWorld runners lined the river trails Tuesday night, some after running 16 miles over the weekend, some after running trails on Sunday, and some who did both!

We had three newcomers with us Tuesday!

Nancy joined us. Nancy has run the Tulsa Run once in the 1980s, once in the 1990s, and once in the 200s. She is really shaking things up now, as she is gonna do 2 Tulsa Runs in the same decade!.

Tonya ran with us tonight. She is a competitive fighter. I asked if it were karate, kick-boxing, or whatever? She said it was all of that, although she did say that biting was not a part of the regimine.

Kristin said she has run with us a time or two before, but she was a new face to me.

It was great to have you all. We hope to see you many more times! :-)

Most had a relaxed run, which fit the bill after the weekend. Can't wait to hear what adventures next Saturday holds!

More congratulations are in order to Billy, who won his age group in yet another 5K this past weekend. Billy has really stepped the pace up, and seems to be getting a little faster all the time. Next on his list is the Zoo Run in which he'll be doing the 10K. Way to go!


Bobby said...

Way to go Billy! Hope I'm bouncing around as well as you in a few years.

elynnlll said...

I am sorry I missed you all on Tuesday. I thought I was sick, nut I guess I have just developed ALLERGIES. Never had them before.