Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Bunny and the Zombie

I hope the Tuesday group had a great run. I was up to my ears in weeds Tuesday afternoon, and missed the group run. First miss in quite a while for the Zombie.

WHERE was I you ask? Well, Mr. Bunny Slipper and I were clearing trails for the Turkey and Taturs race that takes place this Sunday on Turkey Mountain. A lot of the trails were so overgrown that they no longer were there. But put Mr. Bunny and Zombie on the operating side of a Craftsman weed eater and those overgrown trails now look like I-244.

We spent the better part of the day working, only breaking for a burger and fries at Arnold's, and some carrots and lettuce from Warehouse Market. Mr. Bunny takes a carrot juice break.

Today we finished up the weed eating and tied a few ribbons. We had a competition to see who could tie the most ribbons. I was sure I could just smoke the Bunny, but when I finished my loop, Mr. Bunny was already through and was waiting on me. In today's competition, the hare beat the tortoise.


Bobby said...

Bunny slipper looks lonely by itself. When can we get its partner rescued?

Look like you are doing a great job on the hill. You are working harder at it than the paid guys I passed on Riverside a couple of weeks ago.

Missed you Tuesday.

susan michaels said...

Ken You are doing an awesome job!
hopefully everyone will appreciate all the hard work you do to keep the trails looking good.

T Z said...

TZ <~~~likes the pats on the back :-)

TATUR Dave said...

Mr. Bunny, you are doing a great job grooming those trails. I hope TZ isn't slowing you down too much.

Rachael Alise said...

Ken, you totally rock! You were missed Tuesday night, but totally can understand that task at hand for you and Mr. Bunny, just know...the Hare never wins when it comes to the methodical and ever focused tortoise!!