Friday, September 19, 2008

Thursday night run report

It was another "feel good" day for running last night. RunnersWorld was elbow-room-only again as we assembled at 5:30. Brian and Kathy make the announcements, while Erin and Molly are not paying attention at all. Mike sports some nice ink--something like a zombie would like. :-)

The bunny slipper spent the week with Bobby, and went to work with him every day. He also helped Bobby and Susan at an aid station at Sunday's Turkey and Taturs race. Bobby passed the bunny to Ed. Ed has been a great running partner for Bobby for the past few months. Ed, if you have not checked out his blog, has went from a "big ol' boy" to a lean and mean runner.

We had two new people with us Thursday. Konda, on the left, drove all the way from Bartlesville to run with us. Janie is a friend of Brenda.

Those two ride more miles on their bikes in a week than most people drive. It was great to have you out with us, and I hope you'll come back. :-)

Then it was time to run. Some people might think it is boring to always run the same routes through the neighborhood and down the same trail at the river every Thursday. But for me, it is always a different run. I always try to run with someone different along the way. Sometimes I might try to keep up with the fast runners, and sometimes I take it easy. There is always good conversation, laughing, and fun.

On the way back, Bobby, Deon, and Ed practice their synchronized running.

We hung out after the run, rehydrated, swapped tales and lies. Can you pick out the pregnant woman in this picture?

Jason and his evil twin Deon pose for a pic. Nice outfit, dudes!


TATUR Dave said...

I had no idea Cindy was pregnant! When is she due?

Actually, there are two pregnant women in that picture. Three if Cindy is too.

Lindsay is the pregnantest.

Susan Michaels said...

Way to go Ed looking good.
You & Bobby are a force to be reckon with when running. Keep your eye on the prize and your mind on your ex and you will go the distance.
Candace & Lindsay I enjoyed walking with you both.

Bobby said...

Running was great thursday night.
Felt realy great for a change.
Legs were strong, not sore.
Seemed like we flew back to the store after the turnaround.

TATUR Dave said...

The synchronized runners look pretty good. Arm positions are okay, but Bobby's feet are totally out of synch with Eddie's and Deon's. We'll have to take off for that.