Thursday, September 4, 2008

Our Thursday run

Oh the cool crisp days of Autumn. No wait, it's still technically Summer, but what a nice evening for a run! The store was packed at 5:30 for our jaunt to the river and back. Pssst! Someone wake up Dana and tell him it's time to run!

Kathy was awarded the bunny slipper last week and took him to Mississippi and her and the bunny ran a marathon. This brave bunny rode in Kathy's pocket all the way. But come to think of it, the shorts Kathy always runs in have no pockets! Ewww! But Team Kathy brought home an awesome medal for their adventure.

The revered bunny slipper was awarded this week to....ME!!!!! I have been running with the group for three years +/-, and this is the first time I have ever been bestowed the honor! It brought me to tears! This week, the bunny will get back to nature, going with me to clear some trails and mark the course for the Turkey and Taturs race. Lotsa pictures to follow I am sure.

After a few announcements, Mike signaled a touchdown, and we were out the door.

And away we go!
Sarah and Stefani set a brisk pace on their way through the neighborhood.

Afterward, Lisa Butler put on a clinic on Trigger Point Massage & Relief for Plantar Fasciitis; running injuries....what they are and how to treat and prevent them. She had our rowdy bunch hanging on her every word. At one point, she advised that we begin our runs at a nice leisurely pace, say around 8-9 minute miles. I'll work on slowing things down some. Actually, Lisa did an excellent job explaining why injuries happen, and then how to deal with them through stretching and self massage. Real nuts and bolts advice. She will be back next week for another session. Be sure to make time to attend.

Somewhere out on the trail, the bunny slipper kidnapper planted a few clues of a sort. This egotistical maniacal ogre put pictures of his facial features with a threat of eating the bunny. Get real,'s just a fuzzy house shoe! Putting these pictures together, you can begin to make out a face. It's either a guy, or one UGLY girl. I hope we are getting very close to solving this case and putting this criminal behind bars.

See you Saturday morning!!


Bobby said...

The kidnapper looks like Deon to me but he denies it.

susan michaels said...

thank you Lisa Butler for all the good information. Thanks to Coach Kathy and runnersworld for having Lisa speak to us. I appreciate everything that Kathy does for us.

Rachael Alise said...

Ken-You are so deserving of the bunny glad that you are the caretaker this week...the bunny is sure to have a great time on the trails!!

elynnlll said...

I think it looks like Brian.