Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Twas another Tuesday....

It is with a heavy heart and tired feet that the resident RunnersWorld blogger has been absent from the past two Saturday long runs. I will be gone for the next three weekends as well racing myself into the grave no doubt. Check the Trail Zombie blog for an occasional race report. I will be running with the group on Tuesday and Thursdays, and will be back on Saturday October 18th.

But Tuesday was a night for fun and silliness. Gone were Coach Kathy and Brian. Where you might ask? They were celebrating their 2nd wedding anniversary. Hey! What's the deal. They already celebrated an anniversary like just last year! I hope all went well. (I will be in hiding for a few days!!)

We had fun all the same. Quite a nice crowd fought their way through Riverside Drive traffic to run some nice easy miles. There were a couple of semi-new peeps with us tonight.
Mushtaq on the left has been out with us for a Saturday run a couple of weeks ago, and is playing catch-up with his marathon training. He has a good base and should be able to fit right in with our current long runs. Patty trained with us back in February, and then broke her leg. She has been after her doctor for the past few weeks to let her start her walking regime, and just this week he released her. So she was out this evening, and walked FIVE miles. I did not realize it was her first longish walk, but she did fine. Just be sure to listen to your body and don't do too much too soon.

We had a good run. Stretched the legs, got the heart rate up, broke a good sweat. Teresa and I were talking about oldies and were trying to remember the song Party Doll. I told her I'd You-Tube it and post the link, but I decided not to. Pretty risque lyrics for the 50s.

Afterward, a bunch of us went to McAlister's Deli for dinner. More fun and silliness, with our carb-heavy food. Don't try to take a cookie away from Roman!

Can you say YUM?!?!

Deon would not take a bite until I put the camera away!

Candice discusses the virtues of butterscotch pudding.

Join us Thursday for more FUN!


Bobby said...

There's the picture of Candice I wanted to see.

Missed you at dinner Kathy and Brian. Hope your anniversary dinner was great. Hoping you have many, many more together. Your pictures - no comment.

Susan Michaels said...

Happy Anniversary Kathy & Brian.
Thanks to everyone I had dinner with last night had a great time.

Candice said...

Yes - I had a great time at dinner too. You know you're with your real friends when they encourage and even try to help make you puke!

Thanks guys!!

Kidney Bean a.k.a. Erin said...

Sorry I missed this fun evening. Looks like you all had a blast. Happy aniv. Brian and Kathy.