Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Catching up, RINY, PPP

A little last of the year update on our awesome group of runners. Christmas has made things a little hectic for a lot of us, including me and my blogging duties, but I'll try to string a "catch-up" post together.

A few of you have asked if we run when it's cold, and more recently, if we run when it's raining and/or storming. Good question. Cold: yup. Wear layers....lots of layers. Russell sweat pants and that cotton Eskimo Joe's shirt might not be the best choice, but opt for some wicking tech material tights, or insulated wind pants, or both, and a wicking shirt next to your skin with another shirt with thermal properties with a wind breaker over that. You can always shed a layer if you need, and tie that wind shirt around your waist. Should you turn into the wind, or if a cold front moves in whilst on your run (like the past 2 Saturdays) you'll be glad to have a layer to put back on. Last Saturday, we had maybe 30-40 who braved the weather. No prob if ya slept in. It's ok to miss a run every now and then.

Don't let wet Feet Freak you out. It's not the end of your run when you step in a puddle. Unless you're wearing cotton socks, your piggies will do just fine. Sometimes it's FUN to just plow right through the puddles. We used to get in trouble for that when we were kids, so enjoy it now that you can!

Tuesday nights have been going great as well. 69 degree weather brought more than 69 runners out for 69th and Riverside for our river run yesterday. Like it always seems to do as of late, a cold front blew through right about the time we took off, so we all got the benefits of running into a strong headwind. (There ARE benefits of doing that, right???)

New-comers? Yup, we had a couple. Amanda joined us for a Tuesday night run. She has been coming to the Saturday sessions, although I have yet to catch her on camera.

Nancy also joined us for the 1st time. She was gonna lay low, but Stacy and Cindy blew the whistle on her.

Didn't get your name, but COOL SHIRT!

Pats on the back for Debbie and Carmen, who on Monday night, ran their first mile NONSTOP. This is a huge milestone for new runners, a feat that lends itself to even bigger and better things. Way to go, ladies!! You're awesome!!

More congrats are in order for Coach Kathy, who throughout her running career has always managed to be just slow enough to NOT qualify for the Boston marathon. But last Sunday, she got that monkey off her back, and squeaked in under the wire in a marathon in Springfield, MO. She had an easy time of it to, finishing with 2 seconds to spare!

Was also cool to have Mike back to run with us. Mike and his wife Diana were REGULARS a year or so ago. Mike's new career took him away to North Carolina, but they were back in Tulsa to visit for the holidays.

FINALLY, tonight is the final race of the that most will probably not finish until next year. Not to worry though. You can ring in the new year while running, be entertained by a nice fireworks display at midnight, sip champagne on the run (much better than Gatorade) eat black eyed peas at the finish, hear live music (much better that dead music) and hang out with all your friends!!!

Then, New Year's Day, come back to the same spot, on the mighty Arkansas River on the west bank, and do the Polar Bear Plunge!!! Here are a few pictures from the past couple of years. Notice the swimmer on the right side of the picture!

Hope to see you all there tonight and next year!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

12 days of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me
a box full of Lemon Lime Gu.

On the second day of Christmas,....WAIT, I know this is a busy time of the year and if you have to wade through ALL 12 VERSES, you'll never get you last minute shopping done. How bout I just skip to the last verse? Make sense? Ok, here goes.... (and remember, you can click on the pictures to enlarge them)

On the 12th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me
Twelve phone books dropped off

Eleven stretchers stretching

Ten lords a leaping

Nine ladies dancing

Eight maids a smiling

Seven(ty) swans a swimming

Six Newbies running

Five Teamer Beans

Four Clif Bars

Three fat men

Two Super Runner Girls

And a box full of Lemon Lime Gu!!!!


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Racing the cold front

The job at hand this morning was to get our 6-8 miles in before the cold front hit. A few who have upcoming marathons met at 6:00 and ran 10-12 mikes before the masses arrived at RunnersWorld at 8:00. Despite a gray chilly morning with worse weather imminent, and with Christmas just 5 days away, the store was packed like sardines with runners eager to begin their training.It is AWESOME to have my buddy Allen back in town for a few days. He did say something about behaving and trying to not get me into trouble. (Sorry, Allen, I am ALWAYS in trouble!)

I had ran the bulk of my miles earlier so I took the time to bounce around and do the paparazzi thing. Before the run, I met a few of the newbie group.
Mukash(to the left) has his game face on before the run. I had the pleasure of running with him last Tuesday. He's a strong runner, and a great guy. To the right is LeeAnne. Now I realize there are about 42 different ways to spell her name so stay tuned for some editing if I spelled it wrong. (EDIT: LeeAnne did in fact correct me on the spelling of her name. And darnit, there are 43 ways to spell it!

Three ladies, (from left to right) Connie, Stephanie, and Nancy have joined our newbies group. They were good sports with the obnoxious camera dude.

I headed north on Peoria and finally caught up with the marathon group at a water stop. Here, I met Ryan (in the black jacket) and Michael (in the green.) Jason and Lisa either already knew hem, or had done a great job of getting acquainted. We do try to be a friendly bunch. CincinnatiAvenue north to 31st, and then across the bridge to the river trails. At the drinking fountain by the pedestrian bridge, I met the rest of the group.
To the left is Denise, top right is another Stephanie (we now have at least 3 Stephanies, but I think there might be some different spellings.)

Bottom left is Ashley, and bottom right is Cheryl.

As always on this blog, you can click on any of the pictures to enlarge them.

Did not get the name of this runner, but I don't think he was too happy about being out today.

We turned around at the parking area at 21st and Riverside and returned to the store. It was about this time that the wind also turned around. The cold front was making it's way through, and the temps dropped all day. Should make for a frosty run for anyone going out tomorrow morning.

It was great to meet all of you, and I have many more new friends to meet. It's gonna be fun!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Marvellite Run

Thursday night we ran around in some of the older neighborhoods in midtown Tulsa. It was the Marvellite Run, named (I think) after Marvelous Marvin who at one time lived just down the street from the All Souls church where we met. The idea is, get a 3-6 mile run in with friends, see some Christmas lights along the way, and eat pizza and deserts to offset all the calories you burned off. Darryl and Tom were among the first to show up. Friends began filtering in at 5:45, and by 6:00, the church was packed. Guessing there was a hundred or so runners.Was good to see Rick. Rick is back to running after taking a little down time. (I'm betting his golf handicap dropped a few strokes during his running sabbatical!)

Kathy models the latest Race Into the New Year shirt. There are red tech shirts for those who sign up early, and comfy long sleeved white cotton tees for those who sign up later.

Always smiling, future runner-babe Lexie comes along for a ride this chilly winter evening. Lexie is Candice's niece, and this was my 1st time to meet her.

Brian leads the pack out the door.And the masses follow.

Many sported festive attire. Patty gives a Kodak smile, while Dave hopes the Santa hat will keep people from noticing the huge zit on his nose.

RunnersWorld runners everywhere you looked! :)

A heavy fog blanketed midtown, and gave a certain eeriness to an otherwise festive evening. No, this is not snow, but reflections from a steady mist.

I managed a few good Christmas light pictures along the way.

I started out with the 6 mile group, got confused and ran with the 3 milers for a while, and then took off to try to find the 6-ers, but never did. By the time I made it back to the church, the festivities were under way. There was plenty of pizza, cake, cookies, and other goodies as well as sodas and brewskies. Put this event on your calender for next year. It's a cool way get a run, see some lights, see your friends, and feed your face.

See you all Saturday!!