Saturday, December 20, 2008

Racing the cold front

The job at hand this morning was to get our 6-8 miles in before the cold front hit. A few who have upcoming marathons met at 6:00 and ran 10-12 mikes before the masses arrived at RunnersWorld at 8:00. Despite a gray chilly morning with worse weather imminent, and with Christmas just 5 days away, the store was packed like sardines with runners eager to begin their training.It is AWESOME to have my buddy Allen back in town for a few days. He did say something about behaving and trying to not get me into trouble. (Sorry, Allen, I am ALWAYS in trouble!)

I had ran the bulk of my miles earlier so I took the time to bounce around and do the paparazzi thing. Before the run, I met a few of the newbie group.
Mukash(to the left) has his game face on before the run. I had the pleasure of running with him last Tuesday. He's a strong runner, and a great guy. To the right is LeeAnne. Now I realize there are about 42 different ways to spell her name so stay tuned for some editing if I spelled it wrong. (EDIT: LeeAnne did in fact correct me on the spelling of her name. And darnit, there are 43 ways to spell it!

Three ladies, (from left to right) Connie, Stephanie, and Nancy have joined our newbies group. They were good sports with the obnoxious camera dude.

I headed north on Peoria and finally caught up with the marathon group at a water stop. Here, I met Ryan (in the black jacket) and Michael (in the green.) Jason and Lisa either already knew hem, or had done a great job of getting acquainted. We do try to be a friendly bunch. CincinnatiAvenue north to 31st, and then across the bridge to the river trails. At the drinking fountain by the pedestrian bridge, I met the rest of the group.
To the left is Denise, top right is another Stephanie (we now have at least 3 Stephanies, but I think there might be some different spellings.)

Bottom left is Ashley, and bottom right is Cheryl.

As always on this blog, you can click on any of the pictures to enlarge them.

Did not get the name of this runner, but I don't think he was too happy about being out today.

We turned around at the parking area at 21st and Riverside and returned to the store. It was about this time that the wind also turned around. The cold front was making it's way through, and the temps dropped all day. Should make for a frosty run for anyone going out tomorrow morning.

It was great to meet all of you, and I have many more new friends to meet. It's gonna be fun!!!


coco bean a.k.a. lisa said...

what a fun run. good report. we enjoyed you staying with our group most of the run. i still cant believe breakfast took so long. ugh! we will try 11th and peoria next time.

Bobby said...

It's fun meeting some of the new people. I hope everyone sticks with their new running plans.

Saturday morning breakfast is always a fun time. We might have to start reserving an entire restaurant or go to Deon's house.

powerma said...

My name is LeeAnne, so you were very close! I have learned over the years to take whatever spelling is given and know that I know how my mom put it on the birth certificate. It was great fun and although I haven't made it consistently to run with the group, I have been consistently running. Thanks to everyone for letting us newbies hang out with you and making us feel welcome.

RunnersWorld-Tulsa said...

What's a couple of E's among friends? Thanks for the correction. I have fixed it. :-)