Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Marvellite Run

Thursday night we ran around in some of the older neighborhoods in midtown Tulsa. It was the Marvellite Run, named (I think) after Marvelous Marvin who at one time lived just down the street from the All Souls church where we met. The idea is, get a 3-6 mile run in with friends, see some Christmas lights along the way, and eat pizza and deserts to offset all the calories you burned off. Darryl and Tom were among the first to show up. Friends began filtering in at 5:45, and by 6:00, the church was packed. Guessing there was a hundred or so runners.Was good to see Rick. Rick is back to running after taking a little down time. (I'm betting his golf handicap dropped a few strokes during his running sabbatical!)

Kathy models the latest Race Into the New Year shirt. There are red tech shirts for those who sign up early, and comfy long sleeved white cotton tees for those who sign up later.

Always smiling, future runner-babe Lexie comes along for a ride this chilly winter evening. Lexie is Candice's niece, and this was my 1st time to meet her.

Brian leads the pack out the door.And the masses follow.

Many sported festive attire. Patty gives a Kodak smile, while Dave hopes the Santa hat will keep people from noticing the huge zit on his nose.

RunnersWorld runners everywhere you looked! :)

A heavy fog blanketed midtown, and gave a certain eeriness to an otherwise festive evening. No, this is not snow, but reflections from a steady mist.

I managed a few good Christmas light pictures along the way.

I started out with the 6 mile group, got confused and ran with the 3 milers for a while, and then took off to try to find the 6-ers, but never did. By the time I made it back to the church, the festivities were under way. There was plenty of pizza, cake, cookies, and other goodies as well as sodas and brewskies. Put this event on your calender for next year. It's a cool way get a run, see some lights, see your friends, and feed your face.

See you all Saturday!!


Candice said...

Boy, that Lexie sure is a cutie! I'll bet she has a pretty awesome auntie!!

I was so disappointed when this run got cancelled last year and so glad that it turned out to be so fun this year! I'll definitely keep doing this one every year!

Bobby said...

Now that was a pleasent run. Thanks Marv. Glad to see Allen.