Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sign-up day!

Tonight was not just any Thursday. It was a cold 34 degree Thursday with a slight north breeze that had no effect at all while running out and south on the river, but froze me to the bone on the way back! But I digress....
Was it cold enough to scare a few runners away....well maybe. Not to name names, but can you spot the runners in this pic? (Ya have to admit, Marvin and Chris clean up pretty good!)

Roman sat out, but he has a longish hard to pronounce injury and is undergoing aggressive physical therapy for it. Lisa and Jason showed up, and left early but since they have to drive home to Wagoner, pack, and then leave early the next morning to drive to South Texas for the Sunmart 50K, I suppose they are excused. Similar story for Candice who uses the preggo card to not run. Hmmmph! (Just kidding guys. Ya know I love ya!)

But Phillip was ready to run!!!As were Bobby, Tatur Dave, Chrissy, and Jeff.

We had one new-comer with us, at least one who admitted it. Were there any hiding??? I don't bite!Debra joined us and we're glad to have you with us!

Then it was out to brave the elements. And yes, Carmie and Cindy were the "die-hard" runners in the above pic. Lauren ran with them but turned up the speed once she hit the river path.

Not too many good pics on the trail tonight, but some globo-gymer did lose a hat.

Upon returning, the store was PACKED with new people signing up for the winter/spring marathon and half marathon training. There were 92 new people signing up. Over 50 had signed up a couple of Mondays ago, and there have been several other sign-ups trickling in during the week. This, combined with all the rest of us is ONE AWESOME GROUP! Lots of new faces, new friends, and lots of future success stories. I can't wait!!!You just gotta love this kind of enthusiasm.

A lot of our runs the next few months will be after dark, so remember, it's always a good idea to wear reflective clothing.

And, the next time you see Brian, congratulate him for doing such a great job with his group presentation.


coco bean a.k.a. lisa said...

Wow! I wish I could have stayed tonight. That is so awesome. I am excited too.

Sandra said...

I am soo excited..and a little nervous, but more excited :).

Christal Pellerin said...

Yeah! I'm glad that we are going to have a an even bigger group this time around. GO RUNNERS WORLD!

Ultra Okie said...

Looking forward to making some new friends, and renewing some old friendships as well. Oh yeah, and then there is the beer....


Bobby said...

Looking forward to meeting the new people and maybe running with some of the slower ones.