Saturday, December 13, 2008

Training day/Jingle Bell 5K

This morning was the kick-off of the spring marathon/half marathon training group. This paparazzi blogger has short and long term memory issues (as well as a host of other issues) and wonders how he'll EVER remember everyone's name. So, for those who are stumbling upon this page for the first time, WELCOME, and please be patient with a occasional camera shot here and there, and if I post a wrong name or spell it wrong, let me know.

Sometime the best way to convey the masses is just start out with some pics! How to cram 150 people into a small retail running shoe store? Make it 45 degrees and crank the wind up to 45 mph!

After a few announcements, we headed out and divided up into 4 groups. The intermediate marathoners were quick learners and headed off for their 7-8 miles fairly quick. Not far behind them was the beginning marathoners and half marathoners. I stayed with the newer runners. I also wanted to take a few Jingle Bell Run pics and the newbies and I hung out until 34th street where they turned and ran to the river.
I met a few of the newest newbie runners. Top left is Johna, to the right is Heidi, then bottom left is Jennifer, and bottom right is Andrea. We're glad you came out to train with us!!

Increasinglystrong winds pushed us down Peoria. In a very short time, we reached the intersection where the Jingle Bell 5K was to start. Sandra and Ronit take advantage of a brisk south wind to display some serious speed!

I mingled around, taking a few doggie pics, while the rest of the group went on to Riverside.

Mingling around at the sign-up area, I noticed a familiar face. Robert is all grins, and usually is when he gets to race.

The Divine Miss M has sprouted antlers!!!

Well, Santa told me to give it a rest. I've already been way too naughty for the year for him to visit my house.

My favorite tree?

Meg and Ruth getting ready for the 5K.

A host of new runners head back toward the store.

I ran further north looking for good pictures of the race, then headed back south into some gale force winds. Felt like I have my hill training out of the way now.

Upon returning, Cassy and Glenn were having a family reunion. And I was out the door to find someplace where the wind was not blowing so hard!

Great job on your running! Have a great weekend everyone!!


Bobby said...

What a great crowd we had.

Christal Pellerin said...

Those are some darn cute lookin' elves.... :)