Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tuesday chilly run, several new faces!

Soon oh so soon we'll begin another journey, another training session for races in the spring. Many peeps will make the trip over to OKC for the Memorial Marathon, one of the nicest marathons I have ever run. Some will opt for other races out of state. I here there will be a few going to Little Rock in March and staying at Lauren's. Others may go for the hills of Fayetteville at the Hogeye, while others may go south and run Houston, Austin, or Cowtown in Ft Worth where there will also be a 50K option.

40-50 people have already signed up for the next training session, and there is another sign-up tomorrow night at RunnersWorld.

Tuesday night we had a good turnout on a chilly night that actually was great for running. For those who are into this sort of thing, there was an awesome sunset Tuesday night.

Night pictures are not always my forte. My camera can take pictures underwater, stand up to the sweat of all day runs, it can be dropped from an airplane and still work, and can take pictures in Antarctica, but taking pics at dusk when there are orangish street lights in the parking lot, it gets a D-. :-( We did have a few people who signed up a week ago who came out early to get to know us. To the right is Jenni, in the center is Jenni, and to the left is Carmen. For those who are bad with names, if you call someone Lisa, Jenni, or Brian, odds are you'll get the name right. Also, "Hey You" works in a pinch.

Debbie came out tonight.
I know Debbie from a few trail races she has done with Tatur.
Her Mom and Dad are on the trails on Turkey more often than not.
Debbie joined us because she hates running.
But, she knows it's good for her and thinks our group will help keep her motivated.

Andy celebrates the big OU victory from last Saturday night. I always like it when a true fan wears his team shirt with pride after a well earned victory. Andy's fervent support of his beloved SOONERS might have very well helped them to victory, or at least helped squeak in the extra SOONER touchdown in the end. A true fan! BOOMER SOONER!

Afterwards, a gang of hungry runners found their way over to McAlsiter's Deli for some post run carbo-loading.Couldn't decide on what I wanted....
but finally took the cake.

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