Friday, December 12, 2008

Thursday run from the store

Thursday night we had another group run. Fair to say, we rarely miss one, but I am thinking we might skip a Thursday in the next few weeks. (Ho ho ho!) Some of the new folks who have signed up for the spring session have been coming out. Last Tuesday, we had Emily (on the left) and Rebecca who braved the COLD temps and wind.

Tonight, we had a few new people as well! As this session progresses, there will be over 150 new faces, and it will be hard to get to know everybody, but we'll have fun trying! :)

Showing early signs of "stick-to-it-ness", Jenni and Emily are here and ready to run.

We welcomed April (on the left) and Stacy to our crew. They just THOUGHT they could just sneak in. :-p Also, Karla (pictured below) who claims to be as much of an obnoxious paparazzi as I am. Hmmm....might have to hire her services.

Another group of new faces were the Dorothy family. Tom and Julie, with oldest son Will, Wyatt, and a bashful Shannon came to run with us tonight.

Rock Star Ed sizes up a new pair of tights.

Superstar Susan shows that classic "front page" pose!

Ronit, as always, is all smiles on her way back to the store.

Persistance pays off as the pesky camera guy finally gets a pic of Jenni.

This shot was taken just before Candice snatched my camera and stomped it into pieces!......just kidding!

Just awake from her afternoon nap and sippy-cup, Runner Girl Rachel gets to go for a ride in the baby stroller.

After the run, it was down the street to Mazzio's for pizza and planning. A dozen or so run leaders met to discuss the new session. Sounds like we'll have a busy spring!

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