Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The fall marathon is over, and the holidays are upon us. But still, most of our runners are still training like they mean business. Very soon, we'll kick off the training session for the spring marathons. It's a vicious cycle. Just like clockwork, 5:30 and you can always bank on Candice, Dana, and Stefanie being at 68th and Riverside ready to run.

Marathoner and soon to be ultra-runner Lisa poses with newcomers Lori and Brenda. Lori, on the reft, has ran a few 5Ks and wants to get ready for something a little longer. Brends, in the center, used to run a lot and wants to get back into the swing of things. You girls have found the right place! Glad to have you!

Jessica ran with us tonight.

She assured us it was just a one time thing, as she was just visiting.

Seems she is a friend of Andy's.

We'll have to work on Andy to get her back when she is in town.

Another atta-girl to Hailey who ran a super race Saturday at Glen's Run, finishing 3rd overall and 1st in her age group.

It seems that Lauren has taken a new job in a neighboring state. So, when we all go over to run the Little Rock Marathon, we're crashing at Lauren's place! I suppose congratulations are in order, but we'll MISS YOU!

It is getting dark by the time we leave. A lot of our runners are running with headlamps, which is not a bad idea at all. The path is fairly well lit, but a light may keep a speeding bike from mowing you down. Also, there are some spooky people out on the trails. That's enough to scare me! (Nice pic, Kim!)

Remember, Thursday morning at 9:00 am, come run the Von Franken Run, a 4.4 mile jaunt around Zink Lake. Park at 31st and Riverside, or if there are no parking spaces, you can park on Boston Ave or Boston Place. There is an opening where 30th street dead ends that runs right into the parking lot. All you need to do is bring a couple of cans of food to donate. There is no race fee, no t-shirt, but there are a lot of nice door prizes after the run. Hope to see you there! If not, have a great Turkey Day!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Glen's Run

Glen's Run, a 12K and a 3K is a run put together by the Tulsa Running Club. Many in our group, for a diversion to Veteran's Park and the river trails, went to Mohawk Park to run in this race, or to just run for fun. Glen Lafarlette was the founder of Glen's Road Racing Service, and has timed more road races than anyone in North America. This race was held to raise money for a monument which will be built to honor him somewhere along Riverside Drive. It was not a somber race....Glen would have not wanted it that way. Instead, everyone was upbeat and glad to run on a morning when the temps were just a tick under freezing.

Kathy and Meg mull around before the race. Heavy coats were a common sight. Kathy models the new RunnersWorld Stocking hats....guaranteed to keep your ears warm!

It was good to see some old friends. Now in Wish and Wanda's case, I do not really mean "old"! Wish is only a mere 90 years YOUNG, and still doing races. Not sure if Wish had ever ran a 3K before, but if not, he can notch another PR to his belt.

Speaking of OLD, my good friend Johnny Spriggs was here, and thanks is due to him since he is the Prez of the TRC. Thanks indeed for putting on a good race.

But not all runners were up in years. Cameron Plate, a very frequent runner, was out today with his Dad to do yet another race. Pretty sure he has a new 3K PR, finishing 12th overall and 2nd in his age group.

Another young thing, Hailey, poses for a pick with Trail Zombie before the race, and then ran a fast race finishing 3rd overall and winning her age group.

Check out the front runners completely airborne.Pictured above are two recent first time marathon finishers who are soon to be first time 50K finishers....none other than our very own Lisa and Bobby!

Five minutes after the 12K start, the 3K runners lined up. A runner of note is on the far right in the RunnersWorld shirt....Robert Maddy who you may have bought shoes from at RunnersWorld. Robert has ran over one million races, and Saturday finished 9th overall averaging 4:43 per K, which was quite a bit faster than my average!

The 12K runners ran a short loop, and then 2 longer loops for their race. This meant we passed the finish line 4 times. This made for a good spectator race, except if was COLD! The wind picked up a little out of the south and played havoc with my pace. (Ya knew I'd have an excuse for being slow!)Speedsters Bobby, Fred, and Marvin cruise through.

A fresh looking Coach Kathy and David close in on a tired Zombie.

RunnersWorld took home it's fair share of hardware. I already mentioned Cameron and Hailey.Bette cleaned house and netted 2 medals. Ken took home a lot of good pictures thanks to Jason, Lisa's husband. Lisa, Susan, and Bobby took home some bling. Coach Kathy took home a cookie!

Have a great week, and see ya Tuesday!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Old man winter let us know he was in the neighborhood on Thursday night. But did that stop the gang at RunnersWorld from their evening run? Never has!! Most of our group are still reeling in the afterglow of last weekends Route 66 Marathon of Half Marathon. Oh of course there are a few with some lingering aches and pains. I have seen a blister or two, and there are a couple of sore knees here and there. But most feel they whipped the distance and are ready to move on to another challenge!!Lisa laces up her shoes for another quick run at the river Her past two weekends have included pacing in the Mother Road 100, and then running down a dream in breaking the 5 hour barrier in her first marathon. Love your blog, by the way!! Linda, half of the Super Runner Girl Duo is chomping at the bit to do another marathon.

Lisa models the look of mischievousness, while Ruth works on the solemn look.

So many shoes, so little time!

Then it was time to RUN!

Afterward, there was a SURPRISE party for Kathy and Brian. Our group has been so incredible this session. It started out big, and nearly all who signed up stayed the course and ran great races. many great friendships were founded, and it seems like we'll all be together for many years to come. Larry Long, Lauren, Cassy, and several others planned and organized a dinner with Billy Simms BBQ, a huge Merritt's bakery cake, drinks and fixin's. It was my job to Get Brian and Kathy over to the Sports Fanatic without them knowing. Now being the good liar that I am, I told B and K that I had some dinner certificates for the Sports Fanatic that expired on 11-20, and I needed them to go with me to help use them up. They bought it hook, line, and sinker! Even I was amazed at how many people were at the party! I imagined there might be 15-25 peeps, but I bet there were around 70 people there!

Special thanks to Larry Long who unfortunately was not able to be here fort this event, but was instrumental in putting it together. Also to Lauren who helped spearhead this event. It was wonderful. You guys have the gift of planning. Hmmm, better remember that for future reference!

And again, thanks goes to Kathy and Brian for all the early mornings and and work they do for our group!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tuesday after the race

Tuesday was a night of celebration, of some lurching movements that resembled running, and a time to sing happy birthday.There was a chill in the air as the day took an early departure. Night falls upon this shivering group. Dana forgoes the vest for a warmer jacket. Stefanie and Candice wrap their arms around themselves for warmth. Brian, as always, dresses like it was mid July.

Pats on the back to Cindy and Carmie.

These Bling Babes ran the inaugural Rock and Roll San Antonio marathon last Sunday.

They fought their way through 30,000 other runners for their umpteenth marathon of the year.

Bobby still is wearing his marathon medal. Not sure if he has not showered, or if he wore it in the shower.

Deon was not only wore his medal ever since they hung it around his neck, but also has not stopped grinning since Sunday.

Chronic grinning is one of the side affects of 1st marathon finishes. Linda has that happy glow leftover from Sunday.

Hats off to Sarah, who at 13 years of age, ran a 2:03 half marathon. Look for her at the top of her age group in many future races.

Birthday boy growls at the camera man. Happy 42nd. Dude, that's OLD!

Finally, most everyone from our group was cheered loudly from the sidelines by Candice. Her applause and shouts of encouragement lifted our spirits and quickened our pace. I suspect in a few more months that she'll be zipping down the trail pushing a jogging stroller. Good times! We love ya, Candice!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Check out Meg's new BLOG! And Lisa's new BLOG!!!

A post about tonight's run later, but visit Meg's blog for some great pics and race reports! And, Lisa has her blog up as well!! Happy reading!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Route 66 Marathon 2008

Jenni wrote in her Face Book that she wondered what it is like to cross a 26.2 mile finish line. It takes a lot to find that out. I think back 4 months ago when over 100 runners entered RunnersWorld with eager spirits and willing feet signing up to train for a half or full marathon. A few lost interest or got busy with other challenges in life, but most stayed the course, diligently running Tuesdays and Thursdays, and then at insane early morning hours during the warm summer months on Saturdays. We ran 16 miles on the warmest most humid day imaginable, 18 miles with no watch, 20 miles and then 22 miles on the actual marathon course. The half marathoners also ramped up their miles and some weeks actually ran longer Saturday runs that the full marathoners. Friendships were made, training partners joined forces, and Team Bean was formed. Along the way, we ate and drank together, had parties, dressed up (or cross dressed up), played practical jokes (a phone book caper comes to mind), and had a friendly coaching feud. And we stayed with our schedules and paid our dues. Sunday morning, we pinned our race numbers on, strapped the timing chip to our shoes, packed our GUs, Shot Blocks, and other nutritional concoctions, and lined up at Veterans Park at the starting line.

Saturday, Jenni, as well as many others found out just what it feels like to cross the finish line at a marathon.

A 7:30 group picture. Trail Zombie is still in the porta-potty line!

Deon Bean and Kim (Vanilla) Bean await the start.

Lisa (Coco) Bean tries to stay warm.

And yet another Bean....this time Erin (Kidney) Bean.

There was no delay in the start. 8:00 sharp we we running.

About this time, Runner Girl Power was activated.

Cheer for the Clydedales! Ken and Bobby were on a mission.

One hour later, the half and quarter marathoners gathered for a photo-shoot.Sarah trails her Aunt Stefanie, but only for a while.

A smiling face in the must be Cheryl!

Christal (pink head hand) displays perfect running form, heading down Riverside Drive.

Hailey is buzzing just after crossing the finish line and just after kicking those guys butts.

Sarah beats her goal by about 30 minutes.

More RunnersWorld ladies taking it to the house. Simone, Stefanie, Lauren, are alomost home. Cassy is in there somewhere. Way to go, girls. You rock!

A group of halfers chill out after 13.1 miles.

Suzanne is happy after her half marathon. and Kathy....well, she is just always happy.

Colorful trees, a colorful sky, and Marvin, in another marathon finish. My hero.

And the newest member of Team Bean, Jenni (Bean Sprout) at last knows what it is like to cross a marathon finish line.

Meanwhile, still out on the course, Ken and Bobby were clicking off the miles. The hill at Woodward Park reared it's ugly head, but they marched up the incline with authority, stopping only for a quick Kodak moment. And as was mentioned in an earlier post, the day came where a marathon finishers medal would be in the same picture as one Bobby Michaels.And after all is said and done, besides the races, besides the medals, goals, PRs, and accomplishments, I have made friends whom I will have for life.