Sunday, November 23, 2008

Glen's Run

Glen's Run, a 12K and a 3K is a run put together by the Tulsa Running Club. Many in our group, for a diversion to Veteran's Park and the river trails, went to Mohawk Park to run in this race, or to just run for fun. Glen Lafarlette was the founder of Glen's Road Racing Service, and has timed more road races than anyone in North America. This race was held to raise money for a monument which will be built to honor him somewhere along Riverside Drive. It was not a somber race....Glen would have not wanted it that way. Instead, everyone was upbeat and glad to run on a morning when the temps were just a tick under freezing.

Kathy and Meg mull around before the race. Heavy coats were a common sight. Kathy models the new RunnersWorld Stocking hats....guaranteed to keep your ears warm!

It was good to see some old friends. Now in Wish and Wanda's case, I do not really mean "old"! Wish is only a mere 90 years YOUNG, and still doing races. Not sure if Wish had ever ran a 3K before, but if not, he can notch another PR to his belt.

Speaking of OLD, my good friend Johnny Spriggs was here, and thanks is due to him since he is the Prez of the TRC. Thanks indeed for putting on a good race.

But not all runners were up in years. Cameron Plate, a very frequent runner, was out today with his Dad to do yet another race. Pretty sure he has a new 3K PR, finishing 12th overall and 2nd in his age group.

Another young thing, Hailey, poses for a pick with Trail Zombie before the race, and then ran a fast race finishing 3rd overall and winning her age group.

Check out the front runners completely airborne.Pictured above are two recent first time marathon finishers who are soon to be first time 50K finishers....none other than our very own Lisa and Bobby!

Five minutes after the 12K start, the 3K runners lined up. A runner of note is on the far right in the RunnersWorld shirt....Robert Maddy who you may have bought shoes from at RunnersWorld. Robert has ran over one million races, and Saturday finished 9th overall averaging 4:43 per K, which was quite a bit faster than my average!

The 12K runners ran a short loop, and then 2 longer loops for their race. This meant we passed the finish line 4 times. This made for a good spectator race, except if was COLD! The wind picked up a little out of the south and played havoc with my pace. (Ya knew I'd have an excuse for being slow!)Speedsters Bobby, Fred, and Marvin cruise through.

A fresh looking Coach Kathy and David close in on a tired Zombie.

RunnersWorld took home it's fair share of hardware. I already mentioned Cameron and Hailey.Bette cleaned house and netted 2 medals. Ken took home a lot of good pictures thanks to Jason, Lisa's husband. Lisa, Susan, and Bobby took home some bling. Coach Kathy took home a cookie!

Have a great week, and see ya Tuesday!


Bobby said...

Now that was some good running weather (except for the little bit of wind). Had fun.

Stefanie said...

Wow! Way to go everyone. Lots of PRs and medals. Wish I would have been there to see it.

Sandra said...

way to go runners world crew!!!