Sunday, November 2, 2008

You'da thought it was a sanctioned race, the Route 66 Mock Marathon. This is the 2nd year RunnersWorld-Tulsa has put this training run on. We run the same course as the upcoming marathon except we eliminate the Jenks loop, so that the future 26.2ers get a nice 22 mile long run in 2 weeks before the actual event. Actual event?? Heck, the "MOCK" is an actual event!Cool Bobby is all grins before his longest run to date.Rock Star Ed is all set to mow down some Globo-gymers.

Garmin? Check. Ipod? Check. Course directions? Check. Nipple band-aids?......Oops! (Just kidding, Glenn. You'd never forget that!)

The Dic-Tatur gives out the final instructions. He was so long winded we ended up starting 15 minutes late. But hey, that's Tatur-time! So Billy and Linda re-set their watches to make up for the delayed start.

Given the word, the masses were off and running!Cruising on Route 66!

A Kodak moment from the 11th Street bridge.

Runner Girl Power, fully activated!

Meanwhile, Ken and Bobby clown around a little.

Fast runners on their return trip.

A mirror image shot across Zink Lake.

Bean Team ladies do the wave.

Bright blue skies, brilliant fall foliage, just 4 more miles to go.

And finally, the last runners were in. Thanks to all who helped organize, mark, and set up aid along the way. The drive-by cheer-leading was helpful too. And special thanks to the kind person who found and turned in my cell phone, and to Brian and Candice for phone-setting for me. :-)


Kidney Bean a.k.a. Erin said...

What a day. You and Bobby looked like you had a lot of fun. It was a good day for a run.

Bobby said...

Whew! That was tiring. Sonya, can I walk the marathon with you?

jenni said...

Candice, I love the dog bandanna! I have also worn my dog's bandanna (without washing it first).