Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tuesday after the race

Tuesday was a night of celebration, of some lurching movements that resembled running, and a time to sing happy birthday.There was a chill in the air as the day took an early departure. Night falls upon this shivering group. Dana forgoes the vest for a warmer jacket. Stefanie and Candice wrap their arms around themselves for warmth. Brian, as always, dresses like it was mid July.

Pats on the back to Cindy and Carmie.

These Bling Babes ran the inaugural Rock and Roll San Antonio marathon last Sunday.

They fought their way through 30,000 other runners for their umpteenth marathon of the year.

Bobby still is wearing his marathon medal. Not sure if he has not showered, or if he wore it in the shower.

Deon was not only wore his medal ever since they hung it around his neck, but also has not stopped grinning since Sunday.

Chronic grinning is one of the side affects of 1st marathon finishes. Linda has that happy glow leftover from Sunday.

Hats off to Sarah, who at 13 years of age, ran a 2:03 half marathon. Look for her at the top of her age group in many future races.

Birthday boy growls at the camera man. Happy 42nd. Dude, that's OLD!

Finally, most everyone from our group was cheered loudly from the sidelines by Candice. Her applause and shouts of encouragement lifted our spirits and quickened our pace. I suspect in a few more months that she'll be zipping down the trail pushing a jogging stroller. Good times! We love ya, Candice!


Bobby said...

Three cheers to all those happy faces.

Susan Michaels said...

Yeah for all the runners. Keep up the good work.