Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The fall marathon is over, and the holidays are upon us. But still, most of our runners are still training like they mean business. Very soon, we'll kick off the training session for the spring marathons. It's a vicious cycle. Just like clockwork, 5:30 and you can always bank on Candice, Dana, and Stefanie being at 68th and Riverside ready to run.

Marathoner and soon to be ultra-runner Lisa poses with newcomers Lori and Brenda. Lori, on the reft, has ran a few 5Ks and wants to get ready for something a little longer. Brends, in the center, used to run a lot and wants to get back into the swing of things. You girls have found the right place! Glad to have you!

Jessica ran with us tonight.

She assured us it was just a one time thing, as she was just visiting.

Seems she is a friend of Andy's.

We'll have to work on Andy to get her back when she is in town.

Another atta-girl to Hailey who ran a super race Saturday at Glen's Run, finishing 3rd overall and 1st in her age group.

It seems that Lauren has taken a new job in a neighboring state. So, when we all go over to run the Little Rock Marathon, we're crashing at Lauren's place! I suppose congratulations are in order, but we'll MISS YOU!

It is getting dark by the time we leave. A lot of our runners are running with headlamps, which is not a bad idea at all. The path is fairly well lit, but a light may keep a speeding bike from mowing you down. Also, there are some spooky people out on the trails. That's enough to scare me! (Nice pic, Kim!)

Remember, Thursday morning at 9:00 am, come run the Von Franken Run, a 4.4 mile jaunt around Zink Lake. Park at 31st and Riverside, or if there are no parking spaces, you can park on Boston Ave or Boston Place. There is an opening where 30th street dead ends that runs right into the parking lot. All you need to do is bring a couple of cans of food to donate. There is no race fee, no t-shirt, but there are a lot of nice door prizes after the run. Hope to see you there! If not, have a great Turkey Day!!


Kidney Bean a.k.a. Erin said...

Nice pic there kimmy. I am missing my peps. I am however taking the time that I didn't take during the training to nurse my body back to health. When this knee gets better I will be out there again.

Bobby said...

Hurry up and get healed Erin.

Thursday mornings run was fun. If you missed it think about it for next year.