Thursday, November 13, 2008

Last training run before the big race.

Last formal training run before the Route 66 Marathon/half marathon/quarter marathon/marathon relay. Close to 100 runners came out to get in a last easy run Thursday night. Most were calm although a few were getting the pre-race jitters. Good news....they had great weather to run 3-4 miles. Great news....there was pizza, cupcakes, chips and dip, cookies, and sodas waiting for them when they got back to the store!
But know this....all of you have done your miles, and diligently kept to your schedules. Sunday's run is your next long run. The bonus is that there is aid stations every two miles, and crowds of people to cheer you along as you go! And, this long run has a nice big metal waiting for you at the finish line! Wear it with PRIDE.

Tonight marked the return of Eric and Tara. They ran with us regularly two years ago until Eric had an injury. But now, his leg is fine and they hope to get back into the groove. It was so cool seeing you guys again!

Gail passed the bunny slipper onto Donna. I am thinking the poor remaining bunny has all but forgotten about his soul mate. Maybe after the marathon we can re-open the missing bunny slipper case.

Candice had a birthday. This makes 28. I bet she has never bought an adult beverage without being carded. Could pass for a 17 year old easy enough. :-Þ

Jason and his wife Lisa paced Ken and Dan at last weekends Mother Road 100, and then worked all the rest of the night at the TATUR aid station.

These new Taturs are also part of the Bean Team, and will sport Team Bean sgirts in the marathon on Sunday.

I swear Jason looks taller every time I see him!

20% of Team Bean--Lisa pleads with the camera man to skip the photo shoot. But the paparazzi took the pic anyway.

Bobby rewards himself for a good run with more pizza. A fast 5K tonight, some heavy food afterwards. Better eat good, drink a lot, and get your sleep tomorrow and Saturday.

Kathy celebrates the sale of a pack of Sports Beans.

Finally, look at the profile of the race we'll be doing Sunday. Almost pancake flat until mile 22. A gradual incline until Woodward Park. Get that nasty little climb out of the way, and there is only two minor hills after that. Then you can enjoy a two mile downhill to the finish. Run your race, deal with that nasty hill, and then finish strong! Lets all kick it on Rt 66!


Christal Pellerin said...

Good luck on Sunday everyone. I'm doing the half and not the full. I'm so looking forward to it! Notice I didn't say I'm ONLY doing the half. It doesn't matter how far you go, it's that fact that you are doing it. I couldn't have trained with a better group of people or a better coach! You guys are the best. Let's kick some bootie!

Bobby said...

Thanks RunnersWorld for all the friends, pizza, discounts, advice and all the miles and miles of training. Looking forward to keeping it going for the rest of my life until I can't no more. Keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Kidney Bean a.k.a. Erin said...

Thank you runners world, and Ken too for keeping a blog on the the whole ordeal. It's fun to go back a look through the pics.