Saturday, September 6, 2008

Oh so good was the cool fall morning in which we ran 9 miles mostly on the Tulsa Run course. A little rain spattered us along the way and it was good training as they won't do a rain delay on race day either!

Tatur Dave explains the course for the day. Yes, there were hills....nice long hills. But don't lynch Tatur Dave just yet.
The brainchild of this mornings run was none other than our very own Coach Kathy! In addition to sending us up and down, up and down, repeat repeat, she also stayed warm and toasty in her TWO brushed cotton shirts in the warm confines of her Ford pickup with the heater on medium. She did crack the window 2 inches to offer words of encouragement as we ran by.

5:45 am is way before sun-up now, and most of the run was in the pre-dawn hours. Therefore, my picture selection was less than stellar. But some of them were so bad they were actually interesting. Professional photographers may snicker,
but here goes.... The caption?? Maybe "Running with Kindred Spirits"

A couple of shots from downtown.
Zoeller Chiropractic sponsored the Tulsa Run training session. They did some brief treatments for anyone brave enough to give the good doctor a crack at it. Rachael gives it a go. Come to think of it, I should have seen if he could have gotten Kathy's neck cracked back into shape!

Picture of the day:
(I am scaping the bottom!)

It's Mike in his new running shorts!!!

Have a great weekend!


Rachael Alise said...

Hey TZ,

I am so excited, Dr. Z, believes he can make my ankle feel glad he was there today!

elynnlll said...

I always feel the kindered spirits. I am glad you captured them on film.

Bobby said...

I think those shorts make Mike faster. You're doing great buddy.
Keep it up.

TATUR Dave said...

Don't ya just love that Coach Kathy? That hilly course was simply awesome!