Monday, January 4, 2010

Ice Ice Baby

Brrr! Is anyone else sick of these cold temps? The light wisps of snow this morning dancing across a winter sky had me gnashing my teeth. Never ever again will I complain about those hot summer afternoons! The picture that what's hanging from my back porch, or is it the profile from Tatur Dave's route for Saturday? Hmmm....
If you have not yet read it, dig through your email and read Coach Kathy's last offering about proper dress for running in cold weather. Momma always told me to bundle up, which back then meant a fruit-of-the-loom t-shirt, a hand-me-down sweatshirt, two pairs of pants (my church pants underneath so they'd stay clean for Sunday), two pair-o-socks, with one pulled down and tucked under my toes since it had a hole, and a crocheted hat that she had made which was brown and looked like she changed her mind on what pattern she had in mind about a third of the way through the creation. Gloves were never an option for me as a kid, but an extra pair of tube socks worked as mittens on the coldest of days. Turns out, Coach Kathy is dishin' out the same advice. The only difference is she'd probably rather you wear some nice Asics or Mizunos instead of the old worn out Keds I had to wear as a kid. But the main thing that my Momma and Coach Kathy have in common, is that they both wanted us to GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY!

Big time atta-boys and WTGs for all those who made it out last Saturday for their prescribed long runs. I hear it was cold....doh! Mr. Threlkeld says the temps will be nothing on Saturday wait, he said ZERO! That's what it was. Couple that with a nice gentle breeze and we should have wind chills in the negs. What a great day to run.. Hear me out on this....if you do in fact make it out for our long run this Saturday, you will not have a glitch in your training regimen, you'll have bragging rights to all those friends and family members who think you are crazy anyway, and if you bring some warm dry clothes, you can go out with friends for breakfast afterward and hot chocolate will never have tasted so good! Years from now, you'll be chatting away with your running friends and will fondly reminisce about the winter of 2010 when you braved arctic temps for your 10 miler.

I am sure Mr. Larry will have a few things to say about our upcoming training session this weekend, and I anxiously await his offering. The paparazzi will be back out in full force Saturday with cameras a-blazing. Look me up if you have any residual frozen snot rockets, drool-cycles, frost on the hats, and of course I'll still take pix of all the boo boos and blisters you wanna expose.

Speaking of pix, if you haven't already seen enough, here are Brian's Polar Bear Plunge pix Take special notice of the fashionable PINK TUTU that he is wearing, as he finally paid off a bet he LOST last October.

TZ did a short write-up on the RW double (Race into the New Year, and the Polar Bear Plunge). Click here

Happy Running!

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Deborah said...

I like it, " Run with your friends, change your life" That's awesome!