Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tuesday run, + a new vender on Riverside!

Tuesday evening, instead of spending time watching Wheel of Fortune, over 100 new runners laced up their running shoes, found a parking space in the general vicinity of RunnersWorld, and made another step in their quest for a 5K finish. For some reason, the "Couch to 5K" this time around has soared to new heights. Fitness is in. maybe for some, it's the New Years Resolution thing. For others, it may be the report of Oklahoma being the second fattest state. For some, it may simply be the desire to get healthy and to push themselves to new limits. Whatever the reason, it was so awesome to see so many eager faces, ready and willing to go for a 3 mile jaunt to the river. And they all listened intently as Coach Kathy gave the instructions.First go this way, then that, and turn two blocks before the big mud puddle. All you have to remember is 42nd Street, or was that 42nd Place? and Norfolk, or was that Southfolk, or Southpark? One more turn and Kathy would have her arms tied in a granny knot.

Brandon and might think twice before taking advice from Tom!

Waiting to cross 41st Street on Cincinnati. Actually, the route through the neighborhoods to the Riverside path is not at all complicated.

Zipping on across Riverside Drive. For the ones going 3 miles, the turnaround was about a half mile north near 36th Street. Four milers went on to 31st Street, or on to the water fountain past the pedestrian bridge, which is turned on as of last night. A good thing to remember....for some reason, the water at this fountain is always cold--even during the summer.

Those going further had a strange opportunity to have a consultation with a Doctor from New York. Dr. Michael Jackson had a display of rare supplements for sale that he claims are not even available in Oklahoma. And, "Hey, I'm a doctor," Dr. Jackson reassured us. He went on to explain that these supplements exceed the RDA of every vitamin and trace mineral beneficial to today's athletes. Dr. Jackson says these performance enhancing supplements usually retail for $80.00 per bottle, but this night was offering them for $20.00. (cash, of course) I found it amusing that when I whipped out my camera, he whipped out his sunglasses! Of all the rotten luck--I do not run with any money! Dr. Jackson did say he usually is at this location (just north of the restrooms by the pedestrian bridge) in the evenings. I also was amused that besides his collection of nutritional supplements, he also was selling a bottle of cologne!!

My advice, get an appointment and see him at his practice. I am sure he has a better selection there. Or, just go to Walgreen's. (I think he's harmless enough, but be careful)


Deborah said...

New Vendor! HAHAHAHA! Good one. :)

Bobby said...

You guys must have bought all his stuff before I got there because he was gone when I zipped by. Maybe he was just taking a potty break.

Anonymous said...

I've really enjoyed the "Couch to 5K" program so far. It's so nice to run with a group who is aiming for the same goal. I've already made great and encouraging friends!