Monday, November 30, 2009

A Monday night update

Monday night was the first sign-up for the spring marathon training group. I know what you're thinking....we have barley got Thanksgiving out of the way, and are already in full-tilt Christmas mode. Now, even before our first freeze, we are talking spring marathons?!?!? Yes, it's true. We had over 70 people sign up for this session, the "Run For The 168." Next sign-up is Thursday at 7:00, after our usual evening run.

A couple of TATURs were among those tossing their hat in the ring for some structured training.

Kirk and Helen both have the half in OKC in their sights.

Archie reads over the sign-up sheet and ponders his upcoming journey to his first half marathon.

Among the new peeps Monday was Christa, who already has a strong Tulsa Run 15K and a 2:09 Rt 66 Half under her belt. Click on her name to view her blog.

Speaking of blogs, Arena has a blog which I just found out about.

She documents her first Rt 66 26.2, complete with some great pictures.

Both of these blogs are now linked to this site.

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