Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tuesday/Thursday Recap

A quick Tuesday Thursday update. Our marathon training session is coming to a close and this weekend we will have reached our goals of finishing a great goal race. Some are running their first half and full marathon. Huge congrats in advance.

A few of our group had a slightly diffeent training schedule as they were training for the Athens Marathon in Greece. How cool to run the distance where the marathon originated. Bobby puts another notch in his belt, racking up his 5th 26.2. Roman runs his zillionth, Susan ran the 5K there, and looking at her finish line pics, looks like she had a great outing. Sandra ran her 1st marathon. So proud of all of you, and of all the others from our group who traveled around to the other side of the globe to run.

It;s getting dark super early thanks to the morons who thought up the idea of changing the clocks back and forth. I am sure it was not a runner who had this stroke of non-genious. Still, we are running on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30 from RunnersWorld, and Mondays at 5:30 at 21st and Riverside.Rachel stretches before heading out for her Thursday miles. Rachel is running her 2nd marathon....sure to break 4 hours this time around!

Look for Dana running another strong half this Sunday. Tom just ran the Rock and Roll San Antonio this past weekend, and will run another 26.2 Sunday at Rt 66. WTG, Tom!!

After our run Thursday, we had a little feeding frenzy on pizza, a RW tradition. Guy goes over a few last minute tips especially helpful for those nervous about their 1st big race.

Candice brought birthday cake admitting to being another year older. (She's still such a puppy!) It was deliscious, and instead of scarfing down another big piece, the last piece of it, I took a picture and called it good. (I did scrape a finger or two of icing off the tray though!)

Larry, who was awarded the bunny slippers last week, wrote a funny report of the goings on with our beloved house shoes. Check the post below this for his confessional and pix. He passed them on to Ashley, who no doubt will spend the week trying to de-traumatize the poor bunnies.

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