Sunday, November 8, 2009


Saturday morning, and at a civilized hour of 7:30, our faithful along with a sprinkling of visitors, ran the MOCK. (a 22 mile preview of the Rt 66 marathon.) This was our last long run, and this time we pounded pavement on the actual course where the race will be. No surprises for most of us, but I spoke with a few peeps who came in from out of town to get a taste of what race day will be like.

Future marathoner Cheryl gears up for her longest run to date.

Heidi braved this run, being very careful with a sore knee, and absolutely aced it.

The Mock was treated like a real race in many ways. People signed in, turned in an entry form. Here, Terrie and Kim help out with the sign-up.Everyone wore race bibs, the race started at the same time as it will on race day, the same refreshments were served at the water stations, there were mile markers along the way, there were 9 live bands playing on the course...oops, no, there were not live bands, Larry did sing a few numbers from Showgirls.

Polly looks forward to the run, and also to a little garage sale hopping.

This must be the David section. Davids Crisp, James, and Scofield are poised and ready to run.And another David for good measure.

Curtis, Dude! You forgot your chip!

Musta been an awful quiet gun. I never heard it.

There was such a crowd it took me 16 seconds to cross the starting line!

Notice the geek on the right. Brian does a good job of out-nerding the usual paparazzi.

Charlie plays catch-up. It was a great morning for a run, and maybe the last good Saturday for good color in the fall leaves.

Camera wars. Score +1 for Brian.

A huge thanks to all who volunteered at the start/finish, and at the aid stations. Cindy, Carmie, Joe, Jason, Lisa, Wade, Sally, Terrie, Kim, I know I am leaving out others....but thank you all!!!

Cruising along at mile 4.

Dana poses for a pic at the 2nd aid stop.

Ed, just back from a 3-week business trip to Brazil, laces up the Asics and gets himself 22 miles in. TZ sports his designer Rt 66 Mock Marathon shirt.

Dustin and Andy, setting a scorching pace, stop at the 4th aid station. At this point they were fully 2 miles ahead of my group.


Another water stop, and more fantastic volunteers!!

Stacy and April take a short break.

Nothing left 'cept for a little jaunt down to 56th Street and back.

Tatur Dave takes it easy after a hot humid run.

Kaci is ready for Rt 66....bring it on!

David Harris finishes his 22 miler, his longest run to date. (His previous longest run was 12 miles.)

Arena knocked out her 22 miles like it was nothing. Nice steady improvement. Next long run, 26.2!


Zero Bod said...

nice post! Thanks!

Bobby said...

Sorry I missed it. Looked like a nice, fun run.