Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A few notes and pics from our Tuesday night playtime on the river trails.

Some notes and pics from Tuesday night's run. Who is that guy....he's coming right over....and SITTING at OUR TABLE!?!? Michael stares in disbelief! Could it be??....Well, yes, I think it is!!!! The return of BRIAN!!

Brian has just got back from Lake Tahoe, where he ran a marathon partially around beautiful Lake Tahoe. Way to go, Mr. Hoover! Brain also crewed a friend, one Johnny Spriggs (known as Tatur Uno in some circles) who ran not one, not two, but three marathons in three days all the way around lake Tahoe. I may be conned into posting his race report here if he writes one for me.

Brian made a few announcements about upcoming runs and stuff. One piece of good news is that Lindsay had her baby early Monday morning (12:30 am to be exact), an 8 lb 8 oz boy named Aiden. Congrats to Lindsay, and Granny Kathy too! Hope to see Aiden in a high tech jogging stroller real soon!

Carmie, Teresa, and Cindy ran the Quad Cities Marathon this past weekend with Marvin. Nice metals, and nice shirts!

Marvin had special assistance with not one, but two dogs to tow him down the trail. Who's walking who?

Susan had a birthday yesterday, and brought cupcakes for all to enjoy. Not one to spill the beans on one's age, I don't think Susan looks a day older than 35.

Speaking of Beans, Captain Deon was here to lead his troops, but no troops were to be found. Deon had a good run anyway, and rewarded himself with a few cupcakes.

I ran most of the way with Bobby and Roman, with Tammy and Linda in close proximity. It was a fun run.

Coach/Granny Kathy showed up just in time for the last cupcake. She has had quite the busy schedule lately, going about 48 hours without sleep with her baby delivering duties. Almost did not recognize her in clothes....non-running clothes that is!

Question of the day: Can you identify the person in the skirt/shorts?


Bobby said...

Nice skirt Mike.

We all love it when Kathy poses goofy for the camera, but becoming a granny with her hair down and in street clothes made her very photogenic. I'd hang on to that one Brian.

With all the grandma's in the group maybe we need to have a granny run.

TATUR Dave said...

I think Aden is spelled Aden, not Aiden. Like the Gulf of Aden.

Susan gave away her age on her blog when she said she and Bobby were married 30 years ago at the age of 18. I think that makes 28.

Bobby, how about Grandma's Marathon in Minnesota in June?

T Z said...

Thanks, Mr. Spelling Bee Judge Dude.

Remember Johnny Speed? He sometimes does my typing and editing!

Susan Michaels said...

I know for a fact it is spelled Aiden. Congrats to Lindsey & to Kathy for joining me in the grandma club. Now we just have to wait for that other bundle of joy to come in April.

Susan Michaels said...

Thanks Ken & Dave for making me feel young again.

TATUR Dave said...

I could have sworn that a few weeks ago that Lindsey told me it was Aden, not Aiden. But perhaps I misheard.

So, is it Lindsey or Lindsay? I think I saw on Aiden's wristband that it said "Lindsay," but my eyes might not be that good.

Here is one thing that I"m pretty sure I'm right on: Her husband's name is spelled Ahmad, sort of pronounced Ahkmad, but his friends sometimes call him Omar. If I'm wrong on this, then someone is really messing with my mind.

T Z said...

Tatur Dave, sounds like you're having a senior moment!

And it is Lindsay, not Lindsey. I checked that out last week.

Susan Michaels said...

I know I misspelled her name. I didn't notice until after I posted.
sorry Lindsay.

Christal Pellerin said...

It's been so long since I have been to a group run. I've been out of town recenlty and my husband I just closed on a house. I've been keeping up with my runs, but it's not as easy without you guys. See you on Saturday.