Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tulsa Run

Saturday was the 31st running of the Tulsa's race. RunnersWorld was well represented with almost all of our training group doing either the 15K or 5K. I'm so proud of all who ran....some ran with ease, some labored a little down the long out-and-back on Riverside, everyone loved the nice hill going up Denver. It's only 364 days til next years Tulsa Run....put it on your calender!

Many of our group wore costumes. Ya won't find a more princess-like group of ladies than those in our group!Pictured from left to right are Cassy, Jen, Christal, Simone, Sarah, and Lauren. Stacy also ran as a princess, but I missed getting her in the pic.

Carmie, Cindy, Teresa, and Donna dressed up in 50s garb. Some of the cutest girls I have seen in a long while! My pic before the race had my lousy finger over the lens, and despite my photo editing skills, I could not make it look right! I did grab a quick snapshot during the race. Sorry Teresa. It was a quick moving shot. Maybe I was having a wardrobe malfunction at the time.

Coach Kathy and Debra ran as boxers. Roman served as the referee for this 15 round bout. No comment on the ring girl.

It's always a thrill running down Boulder in a sea of runners, nothing but bobbing heads and the sound of footfalls and laughing on a cool crisp day. There's nothing like it!

A big WTG for Tatur Dave, who ran a 3 minute PR, to Glenn for his 65 minute run, to Bobby for taking 10 minutes off his time last year. I am positive there are other PRs among our group. Some of you have already put race reports up on your blogs. Great reads! Anyone who would like to submit a report or some pictures, or even your times/PRs, I'll be thrilled to post them here on this blog. Email me at

Happy trails!


simulatedme said...

...its the eye of the tiger da duh dun dun da da

Kidney Bean a.k.a. Erin said...

I am so proud of all of you. I was locked up at a stupid Science conference.

Bobby said...

It was a fun run. I enjoyed seeing everyone out there.

Ken, you cracked me up.

Thanks Coach Kathy for all the training. It payed off with an improved time over last year.

Now looking forward to the marathon.

okdrtguy said...

good job to all of runners world people and thank you kathy for all of your help.

Rachael Alise said...

Hey RW Runner's AWESOME & IMPRESSIVE job by each of you, so sorry I could not be there for the run....I am missing you all greatly, will be there for the 22!

Kendal said...

Everyone did such a great job. I was good to hear encouragement from other group members out on the course. We have our biggest race coming up in couple of weeks. Just imagine yourself doing the Tulsa Run approximately 3 times. Keep training hard. If anyone is interested in buying some of my Access Bars please let me know. I would love to even let you try a couple to see how you like them. They have been a great part of my training regime. Cassie and Glen use them and they love them. I think you will too.