Thursday, October 30, 2008

Spooks galore!

There are big events in Tulsa. The Tulsa Run comes to mind as one, maybe the Route 66 Marathon. But the event of the year had to be the Masquerade Run Thursday night at RunnersWorld. What do you get when you combine great friends, running, and good food with costumes mixed in? Only about the most fun possible you can have wearing running shoes!Around 5:00 people started rolling in, most in strange running attire. Deon wore his ghost-busting gear. Kim was an OSU cheerleader. Kathy was....well, I am not sure.

Tatur Dave is a natural as a soccer player. Now we know why he is so fast!

Snow White (Jenni) was escorted by her two princes charming.

Ooooh ooh
Witchy Woman.
See how high she flies.
Ooooh ooh, Witchy woman.
She got the moon in her eyes.

Candice parked her broom outside.

I felt a little sorry for Ed. He had a splitting headache tonight.

Not sure what she was supposed to be, but Erin looks good in the new "do".

I didn't think Ronit could be any more cute than she is, but I have to say that freckles put her over the top!

Linda and Rachael dressed as Super Runner Girls. Heck, they ARE super runner girls!

Larry looks like he just stepped off the set of Harry Potter.

Love the togas! Lisa and Jason wear them well.

Carmie keeps it simple this year. Her costume tonight was a tank top. Come to think of, I've never seen her in a singlet or tank. She always wears sleeves. Carmie won the prize for best laugh.

Tough call, but can you pick out the devil-woman in this picture? Bad photographer did not get the festive socks in the picture. Sorry. :-(

Marvin dressed up tonight himself. He did pass the bunny slippers on to Ronit. Congratulations!

Meow!!! Hiss hiss! Susan is bad luck, coming as a black cat!

I always thought Joe could talk a lot, but tonight he really showed his big mouth!

The Count trots out for three miles down Peoria. Bobby won the prize for best costume, and was regarded as the least likely to dress up.

Who ya gonna call??? GHOST BUSTERS!

Snow White and a wicked witch!

Must be Halloween....witches and black cats. Susan was the nicest looking cat of the evening.

Trail Zombie, as Thing 1, stops for a pic at Weber's Root Beer.

The Count feels right at home at the funeral parlor.

Teresa models a nice green nose. Actually, the green nose belonged to Roman. Roman would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it.He is such a giving person.

Finally, I wanted to share this video. I was skeptical at first, but now I am fairly certain these folks have captured a ghost on film.Watch closely while the car passes through the trees. You can see the wisp of a ghost of an old woman who was killed on this stretch of road.


jenni said...

omg the video just freakin scared the heck out of me. I was watching close.

T Z said...

LOL Gotcha!

Susan Michaels said...

I thought everyone did a good job dressing up. That video almost made me pee my pants LOL (can I say pee on here?)
Ken you did a good job taking all those pictures.

Bobby said...

I had a blast even though I felt silly running up and down peoria.
Great to see everyone with a little sense of humor.

Sandra said...

Okay I am so sad that I had to be in Kansas for my dissertation junk...looks like you all had a blast...i laughed all morning just looking at the pictures. Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

Rachael Alise said...

Great Night...Great Fun...Where else but Runner's World?

Ken..loved the video...that was too funny...

Susan...I don't know if you can say pee'd... LOL

If you all are wondering...I think I am going to continue wearing the my pink cape...

Cassy Russell said...

Great costumes, everyone! I would have loved to see the drivers' faces as you ran down Peoria.