Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday blog

A few of our group ran a little extra credit miles Monday night at Turkey Mountain. Michael, Bobby and Susan met me at the Turkey Mountain parking lot for a few easy miles on the new paved bike trail. Susan biked.... did what a runner should do on a cross training day....CROSS TRAIN! The four of us took off easy, walking to warm up. Scratch that--Susan coasted down the hill and was a good mile down the trail before even slowing down. She came back to meet us about the time we started our run. Micheal cautioned us he might be slow as he had not ran in almost two weeks. But we stayed fairly close together for most of the first half of our run. Susan biked ahead and rode back to check in every 10 minutes or so. I am betting she rode a good 15 miles back and forth.

At the aroma plant, Michael headed back and wound up with around 3 miles running plus the warm-up and cool down walking. Bobby and I went on another 1/2 mile to give us 4 miles running.

Along the way back, we were passed by a freight train. But shortly after passing us, it slowed down considerably. Why? We wondered if the track is so bad through this section that extra caution is used. Maybe Michael had flagged it down for a ride back. But anyway, Bobby and I began to overtake the train. Imagine that! We were actually FASTER than a speeding freight train! But then train began to speed up and we picked up our pace as well. While I knew we would not pass it, at least I wanted to get to the RR crossing in time to have to WAIT for it to pass. (Hurry up to wait for a train....does that make sense?) We had been running around 13 minute miles but to keep up with the train, we were topping out at about an 8:10 pace, and that on an incline. Hey, pat us 40-somethings on the back! We did make it just barely in time to have to wait, a small victory, but a good excuse to sneak some speed work in. After that, we let the train go, and enjoyed a short walk break before finishing our run. Now, when we say we're going to the track for our speed workout, ya know where we'll be!

Anyone wanna join us, we run around 5:30 Monday nights at the Turkey Mountain parking lot and go 3-4 miles. After the time change, we will probably start running the loop around Zink Lake


Susan Michaels said...

I had a good time last night. Was a perfect night for a run or bike ride except for all the bugs that was hitting me in the face along the way. You guys were smokin at the end. I have never seen Bobby move so fast LOL.

Bobby said...

Running next to a train - made me feel like a kid again. Try it some time. Gives a new meaning to "track work". Without even realizing it you will be going fast. Thanks guys, had a nice run and visit.

Kidney Bean a.k.a. Erin said...

Looks like it was super fun. I always like to run next to things that are going fast (Ken, Dave, Anybody ahead of Team Beaners) to get in a min. of speed work. That is about all I can hang for is a minute.

TATUR Dave said...

Okay, you've got the locomotive part down. Now you supermen need to work on "faster than speeding bullet." After that will be the leaping of tall buildings in a single bound.

simulatedme said...

I ran monday too, hooray, but don't look at the time this was posted on tuesday!