Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Catching up

It could be argued that when you're too busy to blog you're just too busy. I'd throw my vote towards that precept. But to rectify this shortcoming, I'll try to stuff a weeks worth of updates into one post. I have been known to post some longish entrees ya know!A few Bean Teamers just before last Thursdays run. Could they be recruiting Molly to their legion?

Stacy and Cassy strap on the tunes. Might be interesting to see what's on their playlist.

I imagine traffic on Peoria must wonder what the heck is going on.

One runner employs DOG POWER!

After the run, a few of us went to Uncle Vinnys and had some Italian food. And while out that way, we delivered a few phone books to a friend!I hear he collects them, so let us know if you can come up with a couple hundred more.

Saturday, the faithful showed up as usual at Vet's Park for the weekly long run. And about 40 RunnersWorld runners went to the Tulsa Zoo Run to do the 5K or 10K. I'd love to hear of any race reports and PRs.

Tuesday it was business as usual at 69th and Riverside. A cool north wind swept up the river corridor sending the wondrous odors from the place across on the west bank. We had a good crowd (like I would ever call it a bad crowd!) Ed was back from his trip from LA. Forgot to ask him if he got his long runs in. I do know Ed competed in a Triathlon this past weekend with his sister Lisa. Very impressive.
Be sure to read his blogfor his story on the event.

Brian rejoined us after an absence. We have missed ya buddy!

After a trip around the bears, we headed north.Roman, Kathy, and Ronit with that post-run buzz.

Jeff demonstrates that you can work up a good sweat even on a cool evening.


Susan Michaels said...

Uncle Vinny's sure was good. I wouldn't mind another drop off so we can eat there again.

Candice said...

Sounds like a good plan to me! I can donate to the drop-off (and get half of my home office cleaned at the same time) and I'm getting tired of hearing about the good food at Uncle Vinny's. I need to experience it for myself - you know, for the good of the baby!

TATUR Dave said...

coco bean aka lisa has a blog. http://cocobeanlisa.blogspot.com/

Now, if we can only get her to post something!