Tuesday, October 21, 2008

River sightings

Pictures of scenes between 68th and 49th street along Riverside Drive, on a Tuesday evening. Lots of RunnersWorld runners....would you expect anything less? :-)

You've seen the commercials for Subway where they do the "Five....Five dollar....Five dollar foot longs...." jingle? Well, here, Jana and Ronit are practicing for their commercial debut!

I ran past the netting some 3 blocks to see what progress they were making with the new trails. Oops, that pic is from September 2nd. Here is today's pic.

A nice sunset shot.

DON'T MISS THE EVENT OF THE YEAR: TULSA'S UGLIEST FOOT CONTEST at the Tulsa Run Expo this Friday! See the promo on the RunnersWorldTulsa website.

There may be quite the smackdown between my feet: and Brian Hoover's feet:Be a contestant, be a spectator, be there or be square!


Bobby said...

I bet you guys don't get your toes sucked very often (to tell the truth I don't either).

I sure do like the sunset photo.

I just heard on the radio that they are having a trail dedication next week. For what they didn't say. I assume for the 11th street to 31st street section. They also said construction will begin in January from 53rd to 71st. I guess we will need to be planning some new routes.

Hope everyone stays dry and warm today.

T Z said...

I hope they finish the section they are working on before they tear up the next section. If the do, we can go back to running the route we used to take.

jenni said...

omg where did you get that pic of that foot!? Is that any one who lives in America?? I need counseling now...