Saturday, August 16, 2008

Three reports for the price of one!!!

Grab a soda, pull up a chair, and get ready. A lot to cover in one blogging.

Last Thursday marked the return of the remaining bunny slipper. Jennifer took the lone slipper on a whirlwind tour of the world, and then passed the coveted house shoe to Erin, who chronicled the plight of the kidnapped slipper in the Bunny Slipper Rap. Besides doing a great job in her training, Erin has turned poet and recording artist all in the past 10 days. Rumors are flying that a Grammy nomination might be in order. (Well, maybe that's a stretch!)

Then, we had the drawing for the RunnersWorld shirt alert. Cindy was asked to draw a name, and what better name to draw than her own, right? Congrats Cindy! Way to pick 'em! ;-)

It was a nice evening to run....not too warm, and come on, it's August! It's never too cool!
RunnersWorld ladies setting the pace.

Thursday also marked the return of the leader of TEAM BEAN. Deon, your team was all but lost without you.

Meanwhile, Ken swapped some drool with a RunnersWorld customer's Saint Bernard.

Saturdays long run was a point-to-point run, starting at Veteran's Park, crossing the pedestrian bridge to the west side, and going all the way to the Turkey Mountain parking lot.
The halvers stopped there and were shuttled back to their cars, while the marathoners ran back across the river on the 71st street bridge andn south to Jenks.

Here, Rachael and Linda buzz down the new west side trail at the base of Turkey Mountain.

Sonya, steady and ready, trains for her first full marathon. Sonya will be power walking the Rt 66 marathon this November. She walks FASTER than I could ever hope to, and clicks of 13-15 minute miles with ease.

Always take time to watch a sunrise.

Six miles down and waitin' for the bus.

Finally, a quick note about the trail construction. While it seems to be going slow, there are signs of progress. A new steel bridge has been delivered in two sections to go over Crow Creek near 31st Street. It is a cool bridge, and super wide. Tatur Dave said it was actually wider than Lewis Avenue. I think he may be right! Even making a paved trail involves a little playing in the dirt!


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Looks like someone did a little trespassing at the construction site.

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