Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tuesday at the Riverside grill

Overheard earlier this afternoon when I told of my evening plans and how our group runs on Tuesday and Thursday evenings was someone telling someone else that I was CRAZY to even THINK of getting out in the heat. No one in their right mind should be out trying to run. That's a good way to grill your brain. So....I guess it's fair to say 30 RunnersWorld runners were "not in their right mind" this evening. The saying: "Misery loves company" comes to mind. Awww, actually it wasn't that bad. And we're all better runners for enduring a little heat. Throw in some good friends, and it was a GREAT evening.

We had two newcomers this evening.

To the left is Sandra, who has ran for a while and wants to get back into the swing of things.

Sandra is recently transplanted from Lawrence, Kansas....Rock Chalk Jayhawk country. Samuel (pronounced Sam-well) is another runner who wants to tune up his game. Samuel ran a rock steady pace and finished with four miles tonight.

Roman had the great idea to place a water jug with ice water at the 1.5 mile point. I for one, thought it was the best idea Roman has ever had. Sure beats the warm water out of the drinking fountain. Now we all need to remember to drink!

Andy and Dustin have impressed me from the day they joined our group. They always take off like rabbits and run a spirited pace all the way to the finish. They will do great in their first marathon I am sure.
Here, Andy and Dustin tear up the trail on the way back to the bears.

I am confident Andy and Dustin will continue to make running a part of their life for years to come. Thanks to an ingenious feature in my new Olympus camera, I am able to capture pictures from the future. The above picture was set in 2008.

I set the dial for 20 years in the future, and here we have Andy and Dustin tearing up the trail in 2028. I was so impressed with this "future-shot" setting on my camera, that I set it 50 years into the future, and captured Andy and Dustin tearing up the trail again, this time in the year 2058! Way to go guys! You have a great future ahead of you!


Bobby said...

Andy and Dustin you guys look great in that 20 years from now photo. I noticed though that you started wearing shirts. Must have been attracting too many women.

Sandra said...

I just wanted to shoot out a note to everyone to thank you all for making me feel so welcome and comfortable at my first run! I totally could have done without the camera, but at least there is proof that I was indeed crazy and out in the 100 degree heat to get my running legs back under me! Thanks again!


T Z said...

Well at least the camera guy took your pic BEFORE you got all hot and sweaty!

Glad you came out. See ya Thursday??

elynnlll said...

I think the boys looked great well into their future.
This was one of my fav blogs. Keep up the good work.