Saturday, August 2, 2008

So you think 5:45 is early for a Saturday run?? Try 4:30 then. Since Coach Kathy is out all night anyway measuring the routes and putting up tables and jugs if ice cold water, and since Johnny Spriggs, the President of the Tulsa Running club was helping with the refreshments at Run Central at Veterans Park, and since a few other crazies wanted to rack up some extra miles, we decided to do a 4 mile loop before the scheduled 5:45 run.
Right to left: Jessie sports an angelic halo, Tatur Dave rummages through the trash, Johnny hides behind Kathy's Princess Leia hairstyle, while Roman flashes his demonic eyes.
We ran to the center of the universe and then back on Boulder. A nice southern breeze cooled us as we made the 20 block return trip to the park. Coach Kathy explained the route to the run leaders and then to the runners. Not sure how much of the complicated route sunk in, being as everyone seemed a little sleep deprived.

"Ya got that, Kendal?" "Got it!"

Then we were off and running. Warm and humid was the order of the day. Balmy armpits in 60 yards or less!Group after group of runners cut through the heavy pre-dawn air.

Dana, Caroline, and Teresa are still charged up after leaving the center of the universe.

Old Sol peaks over the horizon, but under the walkway.

Running sweep, I missed a lot of the hoopla as everyone finished. But I did catch Jessie and Roman in a Kodak moment.


Bobby said...

Man it was hot. Had a great time though. Always enjoy those downtown runs.

elynnlll said...

I love the down town runs too.