Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This just in!!!

This just in!! Mrs. Bunny Slipper has recorded a tear-jerking song pleading for the return of her beloved. I gotta be honest folks...I am a sucker for a sad song, and this one really tears me up. Check it out on the link below.

The Bunny Lament

The Bunny Lament

O kidnapper, O kidnapper
I am so melancholy
I barely saw your face,
before you ripped him from my embrace
I am sad, you are bad
You took my soulmate bunny
you took my soulmate bunny

Die kidnapper Die
we're gonna make you cry
Burn kidnapper burn
Your gonna learn

Sometimes I cry at night,
Sometimes I wanna die at night
you took my soulmate bunny

(sniff....ok ok, I'll pull it together.)
Wow, what a song! (Thanks, Erin!)

Tonight we were treated to even better weather.
Did not crack 80 today, and there was a nice north breeze.

We were also treated to the return of Susan!
It's hush hush, but Susan is walking and even ran a little. Ssshhhh!

Another long lost runners rejoined us tonight. Michael (left) ran with us tonight! Great to have ya back! Jim (right) ponders whether to run Michael hard or go easy on him.

One newcomer, Mona ran with us tonight for the first time on a weeknight. Hope ya can make it out for some more Tuesday/ Thursday runs! :-)

Someone got new shoes!!!

Can anyone guess whose shoes these are?

Tonight, most of our group ran across the long 71st Street bridge to the Turkey Mountain parking lot. At that point, around half of the group went for a short loop on the red trail.Sneaky Coach Kathy plans a route with the same hill that we had to do last Saturday. Nothing like a 2nd helping of a good thing, right??

Afterward, we hung out at the picnic table and just chilled. Lots of race plans, stories, jokes, and lies were tossed around. In this pic, Roman is helping cut down on the glare from the camera's flash. Thanks, Roman

Rumor has it that the bunny slipper kidnapper will begin more negotiations in the next few days. Check back later for more details.

See you all Thursday!


Bobby said...

It was an awesome evening for a run. Coming down the 71st street hill back towards Riverside was a breeze. I think that was the fastest mile I've ever ran. I ran up it pretty darn fast also.

elynnlll said...

This was a fun run. It was a good change of pace.

Bobby said...

I would like to see "The Bunny Lament" on Saturday Night Live.