Thursday, August 21, 2008

and now it gets weirder....

Things are getting weird with the kidnapped bunny slipper. This picture of an eye was sent to us. Obviously it is not the bunny eye. Maybe it is the eye of the kidnapper. Anyone have any ideas?

Yesterday we met as always for another training session for our fall races. I am amazed at how almost everyone has stayed the course and is progressing nicely in their mileage totals.

The remaining bunny slipper went to Nashville and recorded a heart-braking song. Thanks you Erin for your care of the distraught house shoe. Erin passed Mrs. Bunny to Lisa who passed her in the running leg of a triathlon recently. Anyone who can swim a crazy distance, then bike, and manage a run after that is amazing!

John came tonight to run with us for the first time. John has been running for a few months and for now just wants to get into better shape. Running with a group can definitely keep you motivated and on pace, especially Rachael and Jennifer. Hope you come back for more! :-)

I ran with Team Bean for the 1st mile. The energy and momentun generated by this formidable group was amazing. I was almost ready to order my custom embroidered Team Bean jersey, when I spotted their revered leader slacking by this sign.

Rest up, and show up early Saturday and we'll visit Tulsa's oldest house. And let's work on rescuing our bunny!


Bobby said...

Way to go everybody. Sorry I missed everyone. But I had a great time with my granddaughter. See you all Saturday. And no, that oldest house is not mine. My house was built around 1956.

deonbean said...

The TEAM BEAN group was in full force VANILLA,REFRIED,ME,KIDNEY AND COCO doing out 6 mile run thursday. Want to be part of TEAM BEAN come up with a name and run with us!! Coach Bean.