Monday, August 25, 2008

Saturday morning run....just an old house

I have heard the rumblings, that our diet as of late has had too many hills, and some are calling for Tatur Dave's head on a platter. Rest assured, Dave has had to pay. Under close scrutiny, Dave had to run a double marathon Saturday night with hills hills, and more hills. He has been punished! I am sure he will have a blog entry chronicling his adventure. Also, check the Trail Zombie blog for another report. Coach Kathy innocently explains the route. Note the devious gleam in Tatur Dave's eye!

Three unknowing victims await their fate.

Someone got a new shirt!

Running northward towards the Bank of Oklahoma tower in the darkness seemed surreal. Maybe it was dehydration, maybe a lack of coffee, or maybe I did not keep the camera still for the shot. Still a cool pic.

Kathy rehydrates while a homeless man rummages through the trash.

Half way through our run, we reached the oldest standing house in the city of Tulsa. No one was there offering us coffee or breakfast. :-(

Best looking ensemble of ladies ever to pose in front of this house!

The original homesteaders?

You've heard the saying: You gotta stop and smell the roses. Well, I think you should stop and play on the playground equipment! But Coach Kathy says No, ya gotta run!

There, there. Those hills weren't all that bad! Cheryl and Susan recuperate after their run.


Susan said...

I didn't run I helped coach Kathy & Roman with the water stops. I think I would have had more heart problems if I had to run all those hills LOL.

Bobby said...

I enjoyed the run, the new scenery. Now that the hills are behind me I can say "bring em on".

TATUR Dave said...

Next one to complain about hills has to run along the Creek Turnpike to NSU and back. And write on the blackboard 100 times...

I will not complain about hills.
I will not complain about hills.
I will not complain about hills.