Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The last Tuesday in August

Tuesday, summer hanging on, a fall breeze elbowing it's way in....it was a perfect evening to run. Forty or so found their way through nasty Riverside Drive traffic to our Tuesday outing for 4-5 easy miles. Some, including myself, treated it as a recovery run from the weekend. Others, like Andy and Dustin, treated it as speed-work. Heck, all their runs are speed-work in my books!

We had two newcomers join us tonight!

Rose, on the left is starting her training, walking at first and easing into some running as she's ready. Betsy on the right has ran a bit in years past and wants to get back into it. (Just follow that guy behind you and you'll get all the running in you can stand!)

Ed wins the prize for most psychedelic headband. (T Z forgot his!)

Cindy is flabbergasted as Kathy displays the power or armpit smell. (Poor Steve!)

Despite rumors to the contrary, Tatur Dave is alive and well after running 52.6 miles Saturday night. He has since given up running. (For a day or two!)

It was decided that tonight we would stop at the exercise area and do a few reps before finishing our run.

Jennifer finishes a set of pull-ups. Ed did 30 push-ups using perfect form, while the photographer had to delete some old pictures because his card was full. Then Ed had to do yet another set for the pic! You can thank me later, Ed! Steve does a little stretching, while Rachael makes chin-ups look easy. Not to be outdone by Ed, Cindy and Sue belt out a few sets of push-ups theirself.

Missing tonight:The leader of Team Bean. Deon, where are you?

Also missing: Brian, who tonight consumed a whole jar of peanut butter and felt he had gotten too fat to come out to run. But hey, isn't peanut butter good carbs?? Sounds more like an overdose of rocket fuel to me. (Or an overdose of excuses!) :-Þ The worst part is that Kathy wanted a peanut butter fix, and found the empty jar licked clean. At this point, she went into crave-induced convulsions! Someone give this girl some chocolate! For Brian, this has been a recurring theme since childhood. He has always been Peanut Butter Boy!


Bobby said...

Crazy, hyper Kathy. Give me some of that energy.

Bobby said...

Brian, you need a little chocolate in that peanut butter.

Randy and Candice said...
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Candice said...

I totally agree with Bobby!

Peanut Butter + Chocolate =
The World's Best Food