Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tuesday night, or 5:30 which technically seems more like "afternoon", we met at our usual 68th and Riverside meeting place. About 20-25 runners congregated, many of which are new, (and this blogger has some memory problems anyway) for a few miles down the river trail and back.
A cool wind whirled from the south, and then from the west. Maybe some more rain is in the horizon. We always start with about a 1/4 mile of walking to loosen up. Then it's north, some for 1.5 miles and back, some for up to 4 out and back.

Some sights along the way....
Deon sporting his new Runner's World tech shirt.Carmie and Cindy are finishing up with their run.

After hanging out after the run for a while, it was discovered that Jennifer, one of our runners had a flat tire. Now the question is: How many sweatty runners does it take to change a flat??? Jennifer reads the instructions, Dave tries to figure out how to make the jack work, and Bobby zips off the lug nuts. Who needs an impact wrench? We'll all meet Thursday at 5:30 at Runner's World for some more fun!

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