Friday, May 23, 2008

Thursday evening run

Humidity was our running partner Thursday evening, and sweat was the fashion statement of the day. A crowd left from RunnersWorld at 5:30 for 3 or 4 miles to the river and back. I was a little late, and parked at 41st street hoping to catch up with all my friends. Bobby waved as he went by, and I caught him and Tammy on their return trip.
Next, I met Susan and Brenda, who represented the weekly passing of the coveted bunny slippers. Brenda passed them onto Susan for her string of PRs, (and for her almost being faster than Bobby!), and it seems the bunny slippers did what rabbits do best....multiply! I suggested to Susan that she might want to help the bunnies with some type of contraceptives before we have to get a bigger box!

Upon returning to the store, it was almost time for the 2nd sign-up for the marathon/half-marathon/Tulsa Run training. Can you believe that another 55 enthusiastic runners showed up wanting to take advantage of the free training runs!! Sign me up!!

Brian did a good job 'splainin' everything. He also had a pretty good sweat puddle on the floor.

Have a great long weekend everyone. Good luck to everyone racing!

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