Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tuesday night, we were treated to a nice north breeze, and nearly perfect temps for our evening run. After a short warm-up walk, all the runners headed north for a few easy miles. Not sure if Carmie is waving, or saying "Hey! Get that camera outa my face!"

I ran with Mike for 1.5 miles, then hooked up with Jim for 2.5 miles. Jim ran at a sizzling pace so I guess I can say I have my speed work in for the week!
I wasn't the only one sucking air. Brian ran his miles today with Alisha at a 7:30 pace!

A good place for a walk break. Concrete is the hardest surface to run on....much harder of the tootsies.

I let Jim head on, and I ran my way back at a calmer pace.

Eventually, I caught up with Mark, who is new to our group. Mark ran his 1st half marathon last Saturday almost on a whim and did great. Way to go!!

I did manage to catch Jim before he left. Jim, judging by his noble last name, must be a man of upstanding character if I do say so myself. I am glad to have met him.

On Tuesdays, we stretch after our run. I usually manage to miss that (DARN!) but made it back today in time to photograph the "Pink Flamingo Contest." And the winner is....Joye! Afterward, we hung out and swapped stories and lies. Deon and Kerry discuss the finer points of....running maybe?? ....while Coach Kathy gets some tongue action!

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TATUR Dave said...

I missed you guys. I did get an 8 mile run in on the river trail, but it was in North Little Rock. It was still a lot of fun, but not quite the same without you. Looks like you guys had a blast!