Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thursday night found 30 runners congregating at the store for a little run to the river and back.

A birthday cake (yum... chocolate!) awaited all of us savagely hungry sweaty runners after our r
un, thanks to Cheryl who can't be a day over 25....right?

Thursday night also marked the return of the BUNNY SLIPPERS! These are awarded weekly on Thursday for heroic efforts in running, reaching milestones, giving a great effort in a race or run, getting a bad boo boo, or whatever the previous owner deems a worthy accomplishment.

Previously held by Sarah, who earned by virtue of a 25:28 finish in the St Patricks 5K, the coveted slippers were passed on to Carmie because of her persistent training despite having a nagging injury.Then we were out the door and off for our run. We wind through the Brookside neighborhood before reaching Riverside Drive and the river path.

I ran with Mike, a new face at least to me, who is training for the Route 66 Half marathon in November.

Mike got three steady miles in today and will be rock solid in his half this fall.

(pssst! Mike....I think that's a girl's shirt!)

Great to see some blue sky, huh?

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Smooth running on the new section of the trail.

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