Wednesday, May 7, 2008

RunnersWorld and a 75 Year Old Runner

Yesterday, RunnersWorld received an email about an amazing person attempting an equally amazing journey.
Seventy five year old Tom Knoll, his son Warren and their coordinator, Hubie Krawczyk are running across the United States.

The 2008 Freedom Run across America is dedicated to raising funds for the Wounded Warrior Foundation, which assists wounded veterans and their families, the Sunshine Foundation, which grants wishes to seriously ill and abused children, and the Challenged Athlete Foundation, which assists disabled athletes.

The run will be led by original 1978 Ironman Tom Knoll, now age 75, and his son, Warren, 44, who will both run 3,300 miles from coast to coast. Warren will also bike across the country, possibly marking the first time an individual has both run and biked cross-country in the same event. This will be Tom’s second cross-USA charity run. In 1983, Tom ran across the United States for the Sunshine Foundation in 64 days, averaging 46 miles per day.

The run will start at the San Diego, California Marine Corps Recruit Depot on March 1st, 2008 and finish at the Marine Corps Memorial in Washington, DC on July 4th, 2008. It will consist of 112 days of at least 30-mile runs.

Brian and Kathy Hoover joined up with Tom about 10:00 am and decided to keep him company. They left their vehicle on the side of the road just east of Catoosa and saw a lone walker ambling down Route 66. Brian & Kathy introduced themselves and asked if he would like some company.

The rain was non stop and getting heavier as we made our way toward Claremore. After three miles another vehicle approached and several Navy guys jumped out and joined us. Soon after, a full squad of JROTC from Claremore High School and some Marines also joined us. It was soon becoming a large crowd and cars were honking their horns in support of us, as FOX 23 had done a great piece on Tom and his Journey the day before.

Our days' journey ended at Claremore High School where the principal, several teachers and staff came out to meet Tom and invited us all in out of the rain, and fed us a fantastic lunch from the cafeteria. WOW!! School lunches sure have gotten better than it was in the 80's.


Anonymous said...
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T Z said...

How awesome! I thought about running with you guys, but then I heard the rain and rolled over and snuggled up with my pillow and blankie.

Bobby said...

That is awesomw. Wish I could have witnessed the event.

I can't imagine even running across Tulsa.