Friday, June 13, 2008

Thursday review

5:30 brought a thousand runners into RunnersWorld for our evening run to the river....well, um.... maybe it was more like 50, but what a great crowd!! Tonight we had 5 newcomers and we love to have them!! Pictured below are Ronit in the Goo shirt, and Donna, then speedsters Andy and Dustin, and finally Rick.

The bunny slippers spent the week at the lake, and were fitted with designer Dry-Fit diapers! This week, they were awarded to Angie, who will no doubt take them to Disneyland!

Then it was out the door and away to run. Tatur Dave displays his new aerodynamic running technique guaranteed to get him his BQ in his next marathon.

We had to find a new route to run since Crossland construction has began the re-doing of the river trails from 31st to 51st. They do put up a pretty speedy chain link fence. T Z, who is famous for badly drawn maps of Turkey Mountain distributed some directions to navigate through the neighborhood to the crosswalk at 49th street. Let's just say that Search and Rescue was not needed today. WHEW! An improved route along with some strategically placed spray painted arrows will make things go smoother next Thursday. Coach Kathy leads the masses to the river trail.
A group of marathoners take it to the house. I think Michael is telling us how big his sub sandwich today was.

Afterward, we hung out and talked about the joys of sweating.

Ken poses with his younger brother Marv.


Bobby said...

It was a hot run. Can't wait for the middle of July and August.
Maybe i'll get rid of another pound or two.

T Z said...

I think it'd be fun to weigh before and after our runs to see how much we actually sweat off. Seriously, that would show you how much you need to be drinking.