Wednesday, June 18, 2008

In the Spotlight....

This week, the Runner In The Spotlight is Deon!!!

Deon has been running for about a year, and is rarely absent from our Tuesday/ Thursday/ Saturday training sessions. The title of this blog is: Run for a reason, or run for fun....and Deon's reason for running IS because it's fun! Along the way, Deon has PR'd at the Full Moon 5K with a 29:22 scorching, and knocked out the Aquarium Half Marathon in 2:27:10.

Deon ran these PRs in Adidas Supernovas, but has recently switched to Asics 2130s in the very cool black and silver!
Deon rewards himself with plenty of good food after a PR or a hard workout.
His favorite is recovery meal is Lucky Charms with Nestles Quick strawberry milk...and rye toast with melted gummy bears.
But I have witnessed him buying the fuel that drives him, loading up on the basics: Gu and Clif Bars!


okdrtguy said...


okdrtguy said...

Thanks to my sponsors,RUNNERS WORLD and Ken for the fame and fortune.

RunnersWorld-Tulsa said...

Goon? Goon you say??? Check out the pictures of Tatur Dave, Bobby, and Brain above! (giggle)

Bobby said...

Deon, Your a great goon (I mean guy) to know. You're becoming quite the speed demon.

Keep on pounding the pavement.