Friday, June 27, 2008

Tonight's Runner In The Spotlight was Linda! First off, Linda was awarded the partying, hard-working, jet-setter bunny slippers from Mike for her continuing steady work and improvement in her running. I took a few minutes to visit with her to find that she has only been running seriously since just before the start of the year. One of her first runs with our group, Coach Kathy had suggested she run 3 miles, and Linda got a little confused with the mile posts, and ended up running 5 miles instead. At that time, Kathy said she was ready to train for a half marathon! Linda has ran a few 5Ks with a PR of 31 minutes flat at the Aquarium Run, and ran a half marathon at OKC finishing in 2:46:50.

Linda almost always runs with her friends Jennifer and Rachel. She always has a smile on her face which is a sure sign that running agrees with her. Linda's dream race??? Someday, running a marathon in Maui! Let's plan a trip!!


New faces, familiar faces, great toes, and ????

Top left, Meg brings her friend Ruth out to run.
To their right, Keri joins us for the first time this evening.
As does Chris. (Sorry about the blurry pic!)
Rob awaits the festivities before the run to the river.
3rd row down, Lisa sports an entire outfit from head to toe from RunnersWorld!
While Jason sports some cool ink.
Can you identify the toes???
Jeepers creepers! This last pic was actually taken this evening in the store. Any clues anyone?


Candice said...

Is there a prize for guessing the "mystery pics" correctly??

TATUR Dave said...

Hey Ken, "Carrie" should be spelled "Keri." It was her first time with the group, and Kathy had me run with her. We did four miles at a pretty brisk pace. She kept thinking she was slowing me down, but I'm not sure I could have run much faster in that heat. She is training for the White Rock Marathon, and I predict she will do great!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ken, Sue is actually Ruth, both they kinda sound alike, Huh???

RunnersWorld-Tulsa said...

Thanks for the corrections. Now you know I have shortcomings!! :-)

RunnersWorld-Tulsa said...

Candice....yes, whoever correctly identifies the pics get a free pack of shot bloks!

okdrtguy said...

i know i know!!!!

okdrtguy said...

i know i know!!!!

susan said...

I know too.

Candice said...

susan and deon - you don't get to play! you have an unfair advantage!!

Bobby said...

I recognize those painted toes.