Tuesday, June 10, 2008

40 or 50 ignored the humidity and ran with us at the the river this evening. This included several who are brand new to our group. It is so inspiring to see people take the brave first step to train for a half or a marathon, or just begin a running regiment to get into shape. Pictured below are a few of the new peeps to our group :)
Top left is Emily, then (my bad!) I did not get her name :(
Then there is Amy and Troy.
Then Tara, Karissa, and Cassy.
And Tiffany and Stanley the dog.

After some introductions, we were off and running!

Signs of progress.... Good news is some day we will have an awesome smooth landscaped trail from downtown Tulsa to Jenks. Bad news is the the trail will be closed from the pedestrian bridge to I-44 for maybe a year.

Along the way, I interviewed Brian who has had great success with his weight loss. I asked Brian what his secret was and he informed me it was the new Shot Blok diet, in which for 3 weeks you eat nothing but Shot Bloks. Here are some great before/after photos.


Christal Pellerin said...

That's just wrong Brian, Wrong :)

Bobby said...

Brian, was it a boy or a girl?

okdrtguy said...

Maybe it's Alien!!!!