Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wasn't this evening a great one for running, walking, dodging bikes, anything outdoors??? It was so cool to actually see some blue skies, feel the sun, hear the rush of the river in a few places, taste the salty residue of sweat....OK OK, maybe that's pushing the issue a little. Considering what we usually encounter around 53rd street, aren't you glad I didn't get to the smell sense??

As we always do on Tuesdays, we met around the picnic table at 68th and Riverside for our river-path run. I did not count heads tonight, but I'd say 50-60 runners and runners-to-be showed up for 3-6 miles.

Before embarking on their run, Carmie and Cindy discuss El Scorcho strategies.

We had a few newcomers out this evening....some for their first time, and some were new to me as I was not their for the full show on last Saturday. Pictured below clockwise are Susan, Gail, Kim, Lise, and Lisa. The paparazzi is bad with names, and with spelling. Please chime in if I blew it!

Brian gave a heartfelt speech on hygiene....oh wait, that was hydration!

After a short warm-up walk around the bears........we were off and running!

Andy and Dustin knock out 4 miles like it was nothing!

Afterwards, we did the stretching thing. I like the neck crunches as mine pops like a long string of Black Cats. The shoulder crunches also work well for me. I'm also particularly fond of the pink flamingo stretch, but more from a spectator standpoint. Brenda is 1.5 seconds away from falling while waiting for the photographer to snap a picture!

We spent the rest of the evening comparing toes and boo boos. Bobby sports one nasty toenail.... While his wife Susan shows off a nice bruise. Let's hope the injuries are not related!

And finally, some fashion news. First it was running skirts. All the girls are wearing them. Rumor has it, even a few guys are trying them out. (Brian!) But now, the new thing is running DRESSES. Always on the cutting edge, Kathy sports a nice New Balance number available soon at RunnersWorld!


TATUR Dave said...

I'm pretty sure Kin is really Kim. She signed up for the beginner marathon group Saturday, and I even ran with her for a while. She has run two half marathons, her latest being at Oklahoma City in April. I think she will do great in the marathon!

Runners World-Tulsa said...

T Z <~~~ very forgetful + bad spellur + bad typist!

Anonymous said...

Nice shoes!! what's you phone number?