Monday, June 23, 2008

Saturday long run

Week three of our summer session went off without a hitch. We all got another dose of H & H, which will only make us stronger when the cooler temps in the fall roll in. Most of the Marathoners and halfers ran 7 miles, while the new runners and walkers did 2-3 miles.
Team leader Stefanie awaits her runners.

Ask Tatur Dave, and he'll tell you. I rolled out of bed at 5:30, and was at Boulder Park at 6:15 to take some pictures. Tatur Dave ran up just as I got there and had already ran 6 miles. I think he ended up with 15.7 for the day.

I am sure I have not met all the new runners to our group, but I am working on it. Jenni is supercharged after her run, while Dana is leery of the guy taking pictures. (Can't say that I blame her!)

Glenda and Sue rehydrate after their run.

Capable of flying like an eagle, team leader Ron displays an awesome wingspan.

Tammie is all smiles after her Saturday run....

while Roman is all thumbs!

Not sure about this....?

Another Saturday long run is in the books!


Christal Pellerin said...

Okay, seriously, that wasn't 7 miles, try 7.79 :) Nice way to squeeze some extra miles in Coach Kathy.

Thanks for the run Stefanie.

Stefanie said...

You did a great job Christal! I had fun running with you. See you guys Tuesday.

P.S. Could you post a more unflattering picture of me, Ken? I looked like I was still half-asleep and trying to force my eyes to stay open. :) Next time I see the camera I will try for a glamour shot!

Kendal said...

To all the half-marathon beginner's in my group. You guys are doing awesome. Keep up the good work. Rememeber to go at your own pace. It doesn't matter how fast your neighbor is. Keep up the hard work. Hope to you all of you on Saturday. Have a wonderful week of run's. Thanks for allowing me to be one of your leaders.


TATUR Dave said...

Stefanie, I think you look great! Looks like you are paying close attention to instructions from Kathy. You could have worn sunglasses like Ron, and then we couldn't tell if you were half asleep or what. Actually, I think Ron is sleep walking, and his arms are held out so he can feel his way around.

Christal, your mileage matches what Bobby had on his Garmin. I told my group from the start that it was exactly seven "RunnersWorld miles," which does not necessarily equate to real miles.