Thursday, June 5, 2008

It's Thursday, and tonight we ran from the store. But first, the bunny slippers were passed on to another worthy runner. This week, the bunnies realized that since they had baby bunnies, they needed to find jobs. Daddy Bunny went to work as a fork lift operator, and almost got ran over his first day of work! The bunnies were passed this week to Faith whose Mom Stacy races her up and down the river trails via jogging stroller. She is always all smiles, and someday will be outrunning her Mom! Then it was out the door, through the neighborhood, and to the trails. Hey! Wait for me!
I always wondered if the Easter Bunny lives in this house.
Three glamorous ladies run by.

And one glamorous guy.

Afterwards, the team leaders for the fall marathon/Tulsa Run/half marathon training groups met at Mazzios to discuss the kick-off run this Saturday morning. Nothing like a little carb-reloading after a good run! Brian and Kathy tag-teamed it, explaining what all the Saturday runs will entail. See you all next Saturday bright and early!


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Runners World-Tulsa said...

Some spammer who is pedaling lottery number pics keeps commenting on this blog. I suspect it is an auto-generated post, and I may have to put a filter on the comment board which will involve typing in those darn scriggly letters. That usually stops the unwanted spam. One more post and I'll make the change.

RW Blogger

Stefanie said...

It figures that someone always has to ruin a good thing. Oh well, the squiggly letters aren't too bad. Thanks, Ken, for your blogs. I love reading them! See you guys Saturday morning.

Bobby said...

That was great pizza.
Thanks RunnersWorld.
Looking forward to Saturdays
new runners.