Friday, May 1, 2009

Mid week runs

Tuesday night was an easy run for everyone in our wonderful RunnersWorld group. I got through it with flying colors, in fact, I did not hurt at all. Come to think of it, I did not RUN at all. But I did show up in tome to snap a few pics before everyone left.
Little by little, the stories are trickling on the 9th running of the Oklahoma City Memorial marathon. Just start clicking on everyone's blogs as the left, and enjoy the reading. Speedy Simone had a good time. I hear Michael is aching a little though.

The fierce south wind did a number on these three last Saturday. Boca had better go easy on Sandra!!

Thursday's run was well attended even though there were still a few taking a well deserved rest day. The weather played truth-or-dare with us all day long, and the rain withdrew just before we set out for our run. We had a nice semi-sunny hour or so to run...very spring-like.The bunny slippers were awarded by Patty to EVERYONE who ran at OKC! A nice gesture if I do say so myself. Kathy was chosen to assume the custodial care of out rabbit house-shoes for the week, so who knows what the bunnies will be doing for the next 7 days?!?

We had quite a few new faces in our group. Time for some introductions!

Pictured from the top left are Carrie and Sarah, good friends who run together. Carrie is trying to clear her conscience from wearing her husbands race shirts, and Sarah agreed to start running with her as a partner in crime. Glad to have ya!!
Top right is Jan, who has watched our group run for quite a while and decided to start running with us.
Middle row on the left is Andrew, who is in the Big Loser contest and is starting in the couch to 5K.
Right frame is a guy named Dave who admits to hanging out with Rock Star Ed.
Bottom row, we have the family of Gully and Debra, and daughters Amanda and Jessica.
Bottom right is Carol who slipped in under the paparazzi radar. She has ran with us three times and had so far eluded the man with the camera. Glad to have all of you running with us. :-)
(And with there being 10 people, I am sure I spelled Dave's name right, but may have botched 8 or 9 others. Flag me down when you see me, and I'll fix 'em.)

Finally, being one who always is looking for a good picture, I think I might have managed to get a picture of a nasty flu bug that has been making it's way about. This creature is lurking a mere 2 blocks from RunnersWorld!! Beware!!

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